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  1. Global Jurix Won the 2015 Corporate INTL Legal Award Also!
Corporate INTL UK

Global Jurix, a fast prospering and internationally reputed law firm of India, wins again the annual legal award of the world-famous Corporate INTL Magazine of UK. This prestigious award, named as the 2015 CorporateINTL Magazine Legal Award, adjudged Global Jurix as the "Corporate Law Firm of the Year in India". Here it is relevant to write that Global Jurix had won this award in the previous year also, i.e., the 2014 CorporateINTL Legal Award. Thus, our prestigious law firm has now become dignified Cross Border winner of this award of global repute in two consecutive years. These awards have been granted to our booming law firm of India considering its ace-quality, punctilious, and impeccable legal services to Indian and international people and companies in the areas of the company law, IPR, and other significant disciplines of the law.

CorporateINTL Magazine is one of the globally eminent monthly legal magazines, with the head quarters of its publisher being well-established in UK. This reputed magazine has been connecting lawyers and solicitors, law firms, business managers and leaders, and people and corporations involved in diverse economic sectors since 2005. Today, the reach of this legal magazine is well-facilitated to over 150 countries of the world, and the approximate number of its regular readers, and the recipients of its monthly newsletter has reached the level of 70,000 and over 280,000+, respectively.

  1. In September 2014 Again, Global Jurix Won the Award of Top Communicator of India

Our one of the internationally famous law firms of India Global Jurix became the contributor with most popular article in India in the month of September 2014, once again. Globally reputed organization Mondaq has given this prestigious award to Global Jurix of Delhi [India], for its legal article named "REITs To Boost Growth And Transparency In Indian Real Estate Sector!". Here it may be noted that our innovative law firm has been winning the award of being the top communicator with the most popular article in India in last many months [mentioned below].

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And our article which got award for September 2014 Month is :

  1. Global Jurix Wins Thrice in a Row the Award 'Contributor With Most Popular Article in India'!

Internationally reputed Global Jurix of Delhi, became the proud winner of the significant monthly award of, named as the "Contributor With Most Popular Article in India" in June 2014. This glamorous award has been granted for its opulent legal article named "Highlights On New Indian Companies Act, 2013", which is published on This highly informational article of Global Jurix has credit for wining this award in the months of April and May of 2014, also.

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  1. Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics GmbH And Global Jurix Join Hands To Boost Trademark
Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics GmbH

The two big corporate players one is well known for offering electronics and engineering components named Bosch GmbH and second is prodigious in serving authentic services in Intellectual Property Rights including Trademark, Patent, Copyright and other corporate legal segments named Global Jurix LLP Read More

  1. Global Jurix Law Firm India Consecutively Wins "Contributor With Most Popular Article in India in May 2014" Conferred by Mondaq

GlobalJurix has proved itself as the top player for offering diverse section of Company law and IPR information that are most updated with the latest trends in the field. This has been confirmed through readership of surplus number of articles that are offered and in winning the "Contributor With Most Popular Article in India in May 2014" for the third time conferred by Mondaq .The suffice information that were offered here are competent in being awarded with the same for the months of December 2013 and April 2014. This only proves the excellent, highly sophisticated and detailed information that are published in the international web portal that are contributed from about 80 countries around the world Annually.

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  1. Global Jurix Wins the Award named "Contributor With Most Popular Article in India in April 2014", conferred by Mondaq

Mondaq, the most popular article for the month of April 2014 was rewarded to
"Highlights On New Indian Companies Act, 2013 (India)" from Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors was read most by Mondaq users for this category.


The highly informative legal web-article named as "Highlights On New Indian Companies Act, 2013" ( ) has received the hugest real and identified readership in India in the month of April 2014, as per the globally renowned firm Mondaq ( This enlightening and creative web-article was published benevolently on the said globally eminent website by Global Jurix of India. Ours well-founded law firm Global Jurix, with its head office in Delhi, and many branch and affiliate offices in every part of India, and several liaison or affiliate offices in USA, UK, Australia, China, and in South Africa; is at present, one of the highly reputed and leading full-service law firms of India. our ambitious and punctilious law firm Global Jurix has been offering impeccable and efficient services in almost all legal disciplines to people, companies, and firms of India and abroad, which are successfully engaged in various economic sectors.

Mondaq is one of the largest and hugely famous global advisory content suppliers of the present-day world, and publishes thousands of highly informative and glamorous articles every year, for benefits to over 80 countries situated in all across the globe. Through use of its worldwide distribution networks and its globally highlighted website (, Mondaq regularly analyzes the most read and popular article in each of these countries, every month. The readers of any such article belong to the registered business readers of Mondaq, visitors to its website, readers of its personalized newsletters, and visitors to the any third-party websites fed by Mondaq.

  1. Global Jurix Has Won 2014 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award

Corporate Intl Magazine has chosen Global Jurix, a leading law firm in India a winner of 2014 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award. Global Jurix with a team of highly experienced advocates and solicitors has known for delivering the best services in company law in India.

Corporate INTL UK

Global Jurix Corporate Law Firm of the Year in India Award by Corporate INTL UK
16 Jan 2014— Yesterday, world known corporate magazine Corp-Intl had announced the winner of 2014 Global Award as a best legal firm in delivering the true services in IPR and other segments of business law. By Corp-Intl concerned person; "I have great pleasure in informing the winner that Global Jurix has been successfully chosen as the winner of the 2014 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award".

On the basis of Global Jurix's clients, an effective role in the legal world and commendatory articles have made the Global Jurix as one of the highly favorable law firms in India serving to almost all types of legal firms ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large groups and organizations. The firm was established in the year of 2009 as a small segment of corporate law service provider in India has turned as one of the world known business law firm in India. While receiving this award, concerned person from Global Jurix "It is a great honor to have such a highly esteem award by the leading corporate magazine that puts us on the stage where we need to get more strict and committable towards our business legal services in India".

Corp-Intl being as one of the largest platforms for legal publications listed thousands of law firms and attorneys over the 150 countries. With 70,000 readers on monthly basis is one of the highly favorable and popular legal hubs of the world. Since 2005 Corp-Intl Magazine is famous for connecting business leaders from all across the world. Apart from these; Corp-Intl magazines circulated to over 70,000 individuals and to 1 million business leaders from almost 150 countries.

Global Jurix, having an eminent reward by highly prestigious segment of corporate sector has made us with glory and majesty to bring best solution to the corporate world. This would really enhance our level of serving the business arena with elaborated legal services.

  1. Global Jurix Won the Award of Most Popular Article By Mondaq Dot Com ( December 2013 )

Mondaq, the most popular article for the month of December 2013 was rewarded to Indian Companies Act, 2013 - A New Beginning! (India) from Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors. On receiving the award, Mr. Hemant Goyal Managing Partner Of Global Jurix has put his worthy wordings.


Mondaq, is one of the prestigious and prominent segments of connecting knowledge and people from all across the world. It is one of the largest global advisory where you will find thousands of articles and content on legal acts. In due respect of these articles that have been published by the prominent legal firms from almost 80 countries around the world; Mondaq organizes a monthly contest where it declare a most popular article in India. Award by Mondaq demonstrate the excellent level of companies in key areas of law and reflects their achievements in respective years, including strategic growth and quality client service.

Being as one of the most challenging contests among the top ranked legal firms; stimulating the authors for grabbing the detail and latest information. It has always been demanding on the part of legal authors to come up with nurture information. Thus; the award of the most popular article for the month of December 2013 was rewarded to
Indian Companies Act, 2013 - A New Beginning! (India) from Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors

The award stated the lively of Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors in respect of new launched company act 2013 in India. Amongst of hundreds of article from almost 80 countries, the article has got thousands of clicks from different sections of the world. The article was selected mainly due to expertise in company registration in India as per company act 2013. The firm has played a significant role in bringing the varied firms on the mark.

Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors initially started as a middle scale law firm in Delhi, India established in the year of 2011 has registered a very strong presence in the corporate world operating different branches in varied sections of India. "We are very pleased and it is a great honor for our whole team of Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors that we have achieved a monthly award of most popular article by prestigious content portal Mondaq. This proves how much we are active and dynamic in offering the prodigious services in company registration in India and this award will make us more strict and feasible for future endeavors" says Hemant Goyal, managing partner of Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors.

Global Jurix Law Firm India Contributor With Most Popular Article In India in and Won the Award

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