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The admiralty law firms undertake and handle all contracts, disputes, and matters associated with the sailing of all passenger and cargo ships on the oceans, the marine commerce and business, and the International shipping industry and community. These matters in general, are International in scope and character, and involve and influence multi-national marine jurisdictions, and are to be resolved precisely in conformity with the latest international maritime laws, navigational rights, and multi-lateral pacts and treaties. Therefore, judicious and sound resolution of maritime disputes essentially requires varied field knowledge and adequate working practices.

Our Global Jurix, an International player of the legal sector since 2002, is equipped with a team of erudite and well-experienced admiralty lawyers and attorneys, to deal rigorously and most effectively with all legal, operational, commercial, and financial problems and disputes encompassed by the admiralty law and maritime law of the multinational marine arena. Our admiralty and maritime law services are highly beneficial and supportive to Passengers by sea, Commercial Shippers and Cargo Owners, Freight Forwarders, Ship Owners and Operators, Bunker Suppliers, Charterers, Ship Chandlers, Insurance Underwriters, and other people and agencies concerned with International shipping community. Our worldwide network and harmonious relationship with a great many legal organizations and admiralty law firms, enable us to deliver the best possible results easily, economically, and punctually.

Admiralty Law Practice Areas

Our admiralty and maritime law services cover the following areas, in which we advised our global clients, and represented them to the concerned authorities very forcefully and strongly:
  • All matters, contracts, and disputes concerning Carriage of Goods
  • Marine Insurance
  • Cruise Lines and Passenger Ships
  • Marine Wrecks and Casualties
  • Salvage
  • Contracts and disputes related with Repair, Construction, Sale, or Purchase of Ships
  • Ship Registration and Mortgage
  • Joint Shipping Ventures
  • Marine Pollution and Environmental Issues

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