Admiralty Laws

The Maritime Commerce and Business, mostly international in scope and character, play a significant and vital role, in the international trade and business, in most regions of the world. The international or multinational shipping and marine commerce involve proper compliance to all multi-lateral treaties and pacts, abiding by of concerned navigational rights in accordance with the latest International maritime and admiralty laws, and prior permissions of all related multi-national marine jurisdictions. Therefore, maritime and admiralty law services, essentially demand broad and varied knowledge in these matters, worldwide connections and rapport, and ample experience in dealing successfully and scrupulously with these contentious issues.

Global Jurix is a full-fledged and full-service legal organization with worldwide network and reputation, with its head office in India. It's well-informed, experienced, and expert maritime and admiralty lawyers and attorneys have been offering a wide range of diverse maritime and admiralty law services to all people, agencies, companies, and organizations involved in the transport of passengers and goods of both the governmental and private sectors of India and other countries of all around the world.

Admiralty Law Services

Our maritime and admiralty law services cover almost all aspects of matters and disputes relating to mandatory and legal, operational, commercial, financial, safety, and security, etc. Our rigorous and responsible maritime and admiralty law services have been hugely supportive and beneficial to Passengers by sea in any part of the world, Ship Owners and Operators, Cargo Owners, Commercial Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Bunker Suppliers, Insurance Underwriters, Charterers, Ship Chandlers, Sea-Vessel Manufacturers and Repairers, and other people, professionals, agencies, and companies engaged in this marine carriage and commerce and the shipping industry and community in general. Our maritime and admiralty law services are provided under the following broad categories:
  • All matters, contracts, and disputes concerning Carriage of Goods and Passengers
  • Cruise Lines and Passenger Ships
  • Ship Finance
  • Marine Wrecks and Casualties
  • Ship Wrecks and Salvage
  • Contracts and disputes related with Repair, Construction, Sale, or Purchase of Ships and Ports
  • Ship Registration, Leasing, and Mortgage
  • Joint Shipping Ventures
  • Marine Insurance
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Marine Pollution and Environmental Issues

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