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Advocates and Solicitors in general, form the backbone of the Legal system of any sovereign country. This legal system or the law, deals with almost all aspects and matters of our society, to correct the wrongs, govern and regulate relationship and transactions among people and organizations, maintain the stability of social and political authorities, guide commercial or other activities, and deliver justice to all concerned. These intellectual people have been serving the society in general immensely, for making the society right, peaceful, happy, and prosperous.

In India, the role and responsibility of Advocates, are governed by the Advocates Act, 1961, which is scrupulously administered and enforced by the Bar Council of India. Under this Act, the Bar Council of India, is the supreme regulatory body to govern perfectly and responsibly the legal profession in all across the country maintaining proper professional standards, and ensure strict and timely compliance of all concerned laws by its people or organizations of all sectors. The State Bar Councils in most of the States, help this national body in performing and fulfilling its functions and objectives.

Global Jurix, a globally famous legal organization of India, boasts of its well-experienced, expert, and veteran Indian advocates and solicitors, for offering exquisite legal services in all across India.

Advocates and Solicitors Delhi India

Global Jurix has regional offices in every part of India, in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. Thus, it receives high-level intellectual support of a large number of Indian advocates and solicitors, for its wide-range of legal services to almost all sectors of economy and society. The legal faculties of Global Jurix represent a group of high-class advocates and solicitors Delhi India, in most of the major practice areas.

In addition to all our advocates and solicitors Delhi India, and other Indian advocates and solicitors, we also have dedicated support of a great many discerning International advocates and solicitors, for providing desired legal services to other parts of the world, at our international offices.

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