Anti Dumping

Dumping is the act of exporting a product at a price much lower than the normal price charged for the product in the importer country. Therefore, Dumping is often described as selling a product or good at a price less than its fair value, particularly in the domestic market of the importer country. Thus, dumping practices can prove detrimental to the domestic industry and market of the importer country, and also to the international business and trade. Advocacy or protest against such damping practices of exporting countries, is termed as anti dumping, The WTO (World Trade Organization) agreement, condemns dumping, if it causes or threatens to cause material injury to the domestic industry of the importing country. In the section below, are described anti-dumping laws and measures, for establishment of fair price and trade. The main purpose of anti dumping duty is to rectify the distortive effects of dumping, and re-establish fair trades.

Growing business competition in the domestic and international markets, have resulted in practices like dumping since 1980s. Today, over 120 countries of all across the world, are in direct favor of anti-dumping practices for better international trades, and protection to competing domestic industry and market of their respective country. Global Jurix provides efficacious legal services for anti dumping, to industries of India and other countries of all over the world.

Anti Dumping Laws

Dumping practices can easily unsettle the established domestic industries and market of the importer country, concerned with the business of dumped products, and can lead to monopolistic positions by the exporting companies or countries. The WTO Agreement and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT, Article VI) allow countries and governments to act against the dumping, if there is found genuine material injury to the competing domestic industry, by dumping practices of companies of foreign countries.

Imposing an anti dumping import duty (an extra import duty) on the import of particular products or goods from the specified foreign countries, in order to bring prices of the imported products or goods closer to the prevailing domestic market prices (normal value), is an important instrument for giving relief to the domestic industries and market. Our rigorous and effective legal services for anti dumping, can help companies and governments to show that dumping is taking place, in calculating the extent of dumping, and in proving that dumping is threatening to the domestic industries and market, or has caused objectionable material injury to these.

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