Arbitration Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is one of the acceptable and popular forms or methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), commonly used for resolving disputes outside the courts of law, through the decisive help and support of unanimously chosen Arbitrators. The mature, practical, and unbiased decisions (called Arbitration Awards) of the arbitrator(s) are agreeable and legally binding for both the parties to a dispute. Negotiation, Mediation, Collaborative Law, and Conciliation, are other important forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Tedious, cumbersome, and protracted disposals and litigations gave birth to alternative dispute resolution systems, especially in commercial disputes under the regional, national, or international jurisdictions. The basic and ultimate objective of the Arbitration Act is to provide an expeditious dispute resolution, with minimum or without intervention by a court of law, without affecting adversely the businesses of both the parties involved.

Today, an ever growing number of companies, institutions, and corporations, like to establish their own rules and regulations for diverse commercial dispute resolution, without the dilatory judicial system or litigation. Negotiation and arbitration dispute resolution, are commonly popular worldwide for such purposes, particularly in the cases of international commercial disputes. The use of arbitration dispute resolution is also prominent in areas of consumer service, commercial contracts, and employment matters.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law

Because of being less expensive, quicker, easier, reliable, practical, and legal, arbitration dispute resolutions, are commonly opted for, for resolving regional, national, or international commercial disputes in diverse fields of commerce and economy. Well-learned and experienced arbitrators, judges, and commercial lawyers & attorneys of Global Jurix have been offering decisive, equitable, and responsible legal services for arbitration for its clients of almost all sectors of India and abroad, since 2002, highly impressively.

Arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution methods are now prominent and popular all across the world, and are universally and unainimously accepted. However, companies must beforehand decide which law and rules should govern and regulate their national or international business agreements/dealings/transactions, or which court of law should be resorted to, in case of any possible commercial disputes in the future, for their harmonious and long-lasting commercial relationship. Our commercial law services and corporate law services deal separately with such matters.

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