Asset Management

The Asset Management, in general, is the meticulous and visionary process of arranging, organizing, maintaining, value-enhancing, and scrupulously monitoring, all one's assets, in order to make these optimally valuable, profitable, efficient, and worthwhile. The Assets can be broadly classified into two major categories - Tangible Assets, and Non-Tangible Assets. Examples of tangible assets are real estate properties, equipments, infrastructure, etc., while Intellectual Property, Goodwill, etc, are instances of the non-tangible assets. In this article, we are mainly and ultimately concerned with the Financial Asset Management or Investment Management. We provide elegant and innovative legal services for asset management, for all types of assets.

The Investment Management is the responsible and professional asset management of diverse capital market Securities and various types of Collective Investment Schemes (Investment Funds), for maximal gains and benefits to both the investment company and the investors in general. The necessities for the Investment Management arise inherently, owing to the following main reasons:
  • The natural desire to make the best possible use of the scarce financial resources or assets, so as to derive the maximum possible gains and profits.
  • Ever-changing and volatile scenarios of global business and capital market.
  • Existence of an amazing large number of Collective Investment Schemes, capital market instruments, and other financial products.
  • Compliance as per diverse regulatory authorities.
  • Recent changes in rules and regulations.

Investment Management Services

Global Jurix, one of the globally prominent and popular full-fledged legal organizations of the world, offers the complete range of diverse investment management services, to the business, banking, and financial sectors of India, and other countries of the world over. Our clients range from small retail investors and business entrepreneurs to globally reputed investment corporations, capital market leaders, banks, insurance firms, and financial institutions, including in between fund managers, investment companies and trusts, and investors of Private and Governmental sectors. Our investment management services are offered under the following categories:
  • Well-informed guidance for investment in Investment Funds
  • Information about diverse Equity Securities and Debt Securities
  • Current trends of National or Global Business and Capital Market
  • Design, Establishment, and Management of Investment Funds
  • Marketing Strategies for Investment Funds of all types
  • Employment of professionally competent Fund Managers
  • Taxation and Tax Planning
  • Strict Compliance to all concerned governing and regulating Authorities
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Drafting of all necessary Agreements, Contracts, and other Documents
  • Formation of Investment Companies, Trusts, etc.

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