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The legal audit services are prudent and visionary services for proper, efficient, peaceful, and optimally profitable running of all activities and operations of an institution, business company or corporation, and private or public organization of diverse fields. These auditing services are ingenious and effective means of overhauling all activities, processes, policies, and rules & regulations, short and long-term goals, etc., for achieving better management, optimal productivity and efficiency, complete mandatory compliance security, and the best possible profits and goodwill. Regular and scrupulous legal audit services help impeccably in preventing all unwanted and harmful elements, disputes, and litigations, and promote smooth, peaceful, and booming business. Hence, legal auditing services are of paramount utility and importance in all fields of profession, business, and other sectors of economy.

Global Jurix, one of the fully-fledged legal firms of India and the world, therefore, provides wide-ranging and exquisite legal audit services for almost all fields of economy, in countries all across the world, essentially including India. Because of ever-present regional, national, international, and global competition in commercial trades and businesses of almost all sectors, the relevance of such legal audit services have increased tremendously, in present times.

Audit Practice Areas

The gamut of legal audit services is extensive, and covers all matters and areas of a profession or business. However, the extent and complexity of legal auditing services vary depending upon the field of operation, type, size, objectives, stage, and priorities of the company, institution, or organization. One of the major and significant areas of legal audit is proper and punctual compliance to all governing, regulatory, and mandatory laws and recommendations of governmental authorities at State, Federal, and International levels. Our elegant and responsible legal audit services will enable entrepreneurs, business corporations, company managers, and professionals of organizations, in sound assessment, regulation, and management of their activities and policies, for cherished profits and rapid progress. Our legal audit practice areas cover the following subjects:
  • Betterment of Organizational or Managerial Structure
  • Protection to Industrial Infrastructure and Intellectual property (IP)
  • All Regulatory and Mandatory Compliances
  • All Contractual and Franchising Compliances
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Business and Commercial Laws
  • Plans, Policies, and Strategies for future Progress and Prosperity
  • Methods and Processes of Production, Distribution, and Marketing
  • Taxation and Tax Planning
  • Insurance
  • Environmental Law
  • Nationwide or International Business
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Capital Markets
  • Joint Venture
  • Foreign Collaboration
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)
  • Sales and Collection Practices
  • Industrial Relations
  • Human Resource Development and Management
  • Public Relations
  • Investment Funds
  • And, auditing services for other industrial or corporate matters and disputes.

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