The Automotive Industry or Sector is one of the most important, major, and vital sectors of the economy of a developing or developed country, and therefore, of the world economy, by revenue and employment. This is the primary industry involved in the transportation of people, goods, equipments, and other materials, in any country. Therefore, our legal services cannot ever afford to spare this huge and significant sector.

Global Jurix, is a full service globally prominent and popular legal firm, and provides superior legal services to people and industries of almost all sectors of India and abroad, including the legal services for automotive sector. Here, it may be noted that the main works and activities of the automotive industry or sector are designing, developing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling diverse motor vehicles; it generally does not include the vehicle repairing shops and centers, and the fuel filling stations. Global Jurix offers a rather broad range of diverse impressive automotive law services to all people, agencies, and industries occupied by it at all levels.

Automotive Law and Legal Services

Global Jurix has extensive worldwide network, and its automotive lawyers and attorneys have ample and varied knowledge and experience for extending expert legal services for automotive sector of any country of the world, including India. Our automotive law services start from the very conceptualization of an automotive device or equipment to the sales floor, and if need be, in the courtroom for resolving diverse disputes and litigations concerning the automotive industry. Our list of clientele includes motor vehicle companies, automotive equipment and component manufacturers, automobile dealers, transport authorities and agencies, international and multinational automotive companies, banks, financial institutions, automobile financers, aftermarket suppliers, logistics, and many governmental or regulatory departments and organizations. Our automotive law services are provided under the following broad categories:
  • Invention and Production of original automotive parts
  • Establishment of automotive company
  • Bulk Manufacturing and Marketing of automotive vehicles
  • Governmental and Regulatory Compliances
  • Automotive business financing
  • Dealer Franchise Law
  • Employment and Labour Law
  • Pollution and Environmental Law
  • Taxation
  • Automobile Finance and Insurance
  • Auto Accident Law
  • All Commercial Contracts and Corporate Transactions
  • All Automotive Disputes and Litigations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automotive Market Search and Trends
  • Automobile Sales and Marketing

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