The Aviation sector is one of the most important sectors of economy of most of the developed or emerging economies of the world, in views of air-travel, tourism, foreign income, and worldwide prominence. Owing to growth and progress in almost all sectors of the economy of countries of the world over, the aviation sector has been expanding and enriching proportionately for serving these purposes. Today, air-travel has become commonplace, and the number of air-travelers is going on increasing tremendously day by day, in every part of the world.

Because of these significant and outstanding reasons, Global Jurix, one of the full-fledged and full-service legal organizations of worldwide prominence and reputation, desired to extend a complete range of diverse legal services for aviation sector of all over the world, essentially including India. Our aviation law services are mentioned in the section below in detail. Our elegant and punctilious aviation law services are available for both Domestic and International aviation, and for both Plaintiff's Cases and Defendant's Cases, in countries of all around the world, including USA, China, India, Canada, Brazil, and European and other Asian countries.

Aviation Laws and Legal Services

Our well-informed and experienced lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, and barristers have vast service expertise in the aviation laws prevailing in the world, for the great benefits of aircraft operators and owners, governmental or private aviation departments or agencies, commercial operators, aviation companies, aviation employees, air-travelers, insurance companies or organizations, aircraft manufactures and repairers, and other people or agencies involved in the aviation sector of any country of the world. Our intelligent, rigorous, expeditious, and economical legal services for aviation sector are provided under the following categories:
  • Air-Travelers Safety and Security
  • Passenger and Cargo Carrier Representation
  • All Commercial Matters related to Aviation sector
  • Airline Start-ups and mandatory Certifications
  • Aircraft Finance
  • Sales, Purchases, and Leases of Aircrafts
  • Aviation Privatization
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Aircraft Manufacturers and Repair Stations
  • Airport Representation
  • All Aviation Contract Matters and Disputes
  • Aviation Accidents and Aircraft Crashes
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Deaths
  • And, all other Issues, Disputes, and Litigations of the aviation sector.

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