Banking Law

Banking Law involved all the issue related to finance as well as banking and securities market.

GLOBAL JURIX Recognized the successful firm in India which is providing the legal services to our nation and international client. We have handled all the issue of all legal matter for our clients.
  • Civil
  • Corporate
  • IPR
  • Criminal
Our expert and Lawyer team Provide the following Service to our clients:
  • Assist the preparing various financing Transaction.
  • Support and give the advice in the field of corporate finance e.g. Borrowing, lending, Forming of capital.
  • To give the advice on Legal issue which is arise by way of banking and securities market.
  • Drawing of various agreements.
  • Drafting of agreement, due-diligence, Transaction structure and other document to negotion.
  • Provide Legal advice in the field of public institution and private institution.

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