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The banking sector is one of the most significant, vital, and hugely employing sectors in every country. The importance and contribution to the overall financial system of any country, and to the progress of economy of that country are certainly immense. Again, as India is one of the major and steadily progressing economies of the world, the banking and financial sector of India is potent enough to draw our efficient and punctilious legal support and services exclusively. For nearly a decade, our legal services to the banking sector of India and countries abroad have been highly appreciated and profitable. So far, numerous private and nationalized banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, agencies related with the money and capital markets, and so on, have availed our services with lavish benefits and security.

Provided by our erudite, well-experienced, and expert lawyers are the whole gamut of advisory and legal services to diverse institutions in the banking and finance sector located in India and countries abroad. These services have helped these institutions in making the best possible use of all available funds, in obtaining maximal benefits from these funds safely, in making various banking activities more efficient and productive, in overcoming the challenges offered by the ever-changing and progressing markets and economy, and in making the overall banking sector utmost beneficial to economic growth and prosperity. The Recovery of Debts Due to Banks & Financial Institutions Act of 1993, has also been very helpful to our lawyers, in delivering these above-mentioned services to the banking sector of India. Our flawless, efficient, and rather securing legal services and advices to the Banking Sector of India or abroad relate to the following topics or matters:
  • Corporate Banking
  • Activities of the Customized Core Banking
  • Multi Currency Deals
  • Money Laundering
  • Asset Financing and Management
  • Project Finances
  • Structured Finance/Transactions
  • Investment Funds
  • Insurance
  • Financial Instruments
  • Off-shore Venture Capital Funds
  • Financial Frauds
  • Recovery of Debts by Banks and other Financial Institutions (FIs)
  • Claims, Disputes, and Litigation relating to Banks and FIs
  • Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
  • And, other matters and activities associated with the banking sector.

Banks and all other institutions dealing with money and finance, may avail our expert and innovative legal services and wise advisory services, through contacting over: +91-8130-3000-46; or sending their respective problems or queries to:

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