Brand Registration

One of fast progressing and internationally renowned full-service law firms of India is ours full-fledged Global Jurix of Delhi. This well-established and opulently-resourced law firm has been offering well-informed, expert, and reasonably-charged legal services for all major streams of the law to Indian and global clients engaged in various economic sectors, since 2002. These legal disciplines inevitably include the company and corporate laws and the intellectual property rights. In this web-page, we are exclusively describing our swift and superb services for brand registration in entire India, to help Indian and foreign people and companies active in various fields of economy. So far, numerous entrepreneurs, professionals, national and international companies, and industrialists have harvested our masterly services for brand trademark registration in india, as well as at the international levels worldwide.

A Brand is nothing but a well-established trademark of a company in the given jurisdiction. This brand is used to distinguish its any product in the said marketplace, and serves the purposes of identifying the concerned company, fortifying the superb quality of the product, and setting up good and impressive reputation of the company. Thus, a brand or trademark is certainly a very significant intellectual property of a company engaged in any economic field, anywhere in the world.

Brand Name and Logo Search and Registration

In connection with the brand name and logo search and registration in India, our veteran trademark lawyers deliver all necessary services during the whole process, as per the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, including the following tasks:
  • Well-informed and expert guidance for selection of appropriate and most impressive trademark or logo, for doing business in the desired economic field in India or abroad
  • We also undertake designing of the suggested trademark or logo
  • Nationwide trademark search for free to ensure originality and indisputable uniqueness of the proposed trademark or logo
  • Completing and filing the application for trademark registration with the concerned regional trademark office of India (Form TM-1)
  • Resolving possible cases of the trademark opposition and extending service for trademark prosecution for perfect and brisk registration
  • Lastly, getting the certificate of trademark registration in India

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