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We at Global Jurix, a prominent law firm in India offers a wide spectrum of services in the realms of commercial, corporate and intellectual property. We provide professional and affordable legal services to our clients. The firm offers professional advice and support to the foreign companies looking to set up their operations in India. We offer expert advice on capital markets, private equity and funds thereby helping the clients to establish wholly owned subsidiaries.

The firm reviews legal, economic and financial information and suitably advices the clients in planning, structuring and many other related issues thereof. A finance plan is prepared for the clients that include the analysis and recommendations made on the basis of the reviews undertaken. The clients are appraised about the alternatives possible and necessary course of action they must take according to the circumstances. The recommendations concerns sale methods, marketing, features related to security, credit enhancements, implications of federal tax and many more. This analysis helps the clients to take proper actions.

On request of the clients, the firm also prepares proper financial documents. In case any other service providers are needed, we also help to select them that include Bond Counsel, trustee, rating agency, underwriters, verification agent, etc. The Firm prepares credit rating presentations that help the client in the process of credit rating. We also assist them in the process of credit enhancement by applying to municipal bond insurers. On instructions from the client, we participate in the debt sale, market comparables preparation; offer market scales, confirmation of the calculation of net or true cost of interest, verification of the compensation of underwriters and many more.

We also assist the clients in monitoring outstanding debt so as refunding opportunities can be quickly identified. The firm's aim it to offer comprehensive insight about various companies, establishments and people playing significant role in driving the economy. We also offer solutions to our esteemed clients to find right people to carry out their business in a proper way.

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