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The capital market is the market for long-term Equity Securities and Debt Securities, which are offered by private companies and organizations, and also governmental institutions and organization. This Stock and Bond market is further broadly divided into the categories of primary capital market and secondary capital market, in most of the developed and developing economies of the world over. The issuance and trading of these capital market instruments by public, private, national, or multi-national companies and corporate bodies, are governed and regulated by an governmentally accredited organization, and are listed and specified on the Stock Exchanges of the mentioned country. In India, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) looks after and regulates the capital market in India.

Now, this capital market offers special and exclusive opportunities to the investors for entering into the commercial and financial activities and businesses of the companies and organizations, with the intentions of acquiring huge monetary and other benefits from these. However, there are some inherent risk factors involved in the trades of capital markets at many stages from beginning to end. The capital market services provided by organizations like ours, help the companies and investors of commerce & business and other diverse sectors in making the most beneficial and safest deals in the capital market. Global Jurix is adorned with a pool of expert and experienced capital market lawyer and attorneys, for accomplishing a rich variety of such capital market services impeccably and speedily.

Capital Market Service Areas

Equity Securities (Stock market) and Debt Securities (Bond market) are the principal capital market instruments which are traded in the primary or secondary capital markets. The most famous and popular capital market securities and bonds are Equity Shares, Preference Shares, Convertible/Non-Convertible Shares, Debentures, Zero Coupon Bonds, and Deep Discount Bonds. Global Jurix provides capital market services concerning each of these staple capital market instruments for all major and leading capital markets of the world, including that of India.

The main and vital elements concerned with the issuance and trading of stocks and bonds, are the complete information about the latest market scenario and situations, covert and overt benefits and risk factors involved, current trends of global business and market, and well-rounded reliable support and advice at every important stages, in order to secure the most profitable and safest capital market deals. We provide these all lavish facilities for bumper benefits of sellers and purchasers of all capital market instruments.

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