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Supports and witty advices of a reliable and highly competent company law firm of national or International repute have become inevitable and vital to any small to large-scale business of any sector, for the concerns of optimal productivity, safety, and profitability, in present times. There is ever-present a constant rise in diverse frauds, forgeries, duplications, breaches of trust, and infringements in company law affairs, in the present world of intensely competitive commercial businesses of throughout the world. The best possible utilization of all available resources for the maximal gains in the future, while going through the ever-changing and refining national or global businesses, is another main and major concern to all flourishing companies.

Global Jurix, a globally famous and popular legal organization with worldwide liaison and network, is well-equipped to serve the commercial and corporate sectors of all over the world, quite easily, punctiliously, and gratifyingly. We have a pool of well-learned and experienced company law attorneys, corporate lawyers and barristers, company law solicitors, chartered accountants, tax advisors, and senior professionals of diverse technical and non-technical fields, to support our clients, and cater to their specific and varying requirements fully and impressively. So far, we have helped a large number of entrepreneurs, businessmen, companies, industries, corporations, and organizations of diverse sectors, in building their sound footing and safest future through our well-rounded company law services.

Company Law Services

Our company law services are ingenious, secure, highly profitable, and elegantly suitable to the constantly changing national and global business scenarios. The following are the main areas of our responsible, scrupulous, and economical company law services:
  • Incorporation and Establishment of New Companies
  • Preparing all Agreements and Contracts necessary Within and Outside the company
  • Drafting Power of Attorney Documents
  • Counsel over Industrial Relations and Public Relations
  • Intellectual Property Law Services
  • Compliance under concerned Governmental Authorities
  • Advice over Insurance and Taxation
  • Capital Market Services
  • Globalization of Businesses
  • Joint Ventures
  • Setting up Liaison Office, Project Office, and Branch Offices of Foreign Companies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Expansion of Business or Company
  • All other Company Law Matters, Disputes, and Litigations.

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