Company Registration in India by European Countries

As Europe is the third most populous continent (containing about 11% population) in the whole world after Asia and Africa, and also that the majority of its about 50 countries have been making rapid progress in various economic sectors, ours globally famous law firm of India cordially invites percipient and potential investors from European countries for making highly profitable and secure fdi in india, in the desired economic sectors. Today, owing to rapid development and growth in the majority of Indian economic sectors, India has emerged out as one of the best five investment destinations in the whole world. During past many years, India received huge FDI regularly from investors belonging to countries worldwide. In the financial year 2013-14, the total amount of FDI received by India was around US$ 29 billion.

For nearly a decade our Delhi-based and internationally admired law firm has been extending efficient and responsible legal support to numerous European investors in connection with FDI in India and business extension and expansion in India, who belonged to Russia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Netherlands, and other countries situated all across the European Continent. Besides the offshore company registration in india, our veteran lawyers also provide all necessary legal support for doing business in india smoothly, progressively, and optimally profitably by the investors of Europe and other continents.

New Company/Business Setup in India by European Investors

For offshore company setup in india on behalf of them, our well-informed and mellow lawyers will set up all desired sorts of permitted entry structures in the most profitable locations in India. Again, all processing for making foreign direct investment in india through automatic, government, or both these routes will be proficiently performed by our punctilious lawyers. Today, an unusually large number of Indian economic sectors are accessible through the automatic (generally up to the FDI cap of 49%) or governmental route (for FDI Cap generally from 49% to 74% or 100%), or through both these routes for FDI up to 74 or 100%. Moreover, some Indian economic sectors also permit FDI up to 74 or 100% through the automatic route only. The categories of investors allowed for FDI in India, are the following --- Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs), Foreign Venture Capital Investors (FVCIs), Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs), Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), etc. We are well-capable of helping these all categories of investors regarding their respective business setup in india in the cherished field.

Our expert and efficient company formation services extended for new company setup in india, are supplemented by the following services:
  • Well-informed and updated guidance for selection of entry structure, profitable Indian economic sector, and the most cost-effective and convenient location of the proposed company in India.
  • Complete and strict compliance with all rules and regulations of RBI, SEBI, FEMA, etc., in addition to following the fdi policies of the central government of India and the directly concerned State government.
  • To facilitate perfect and quick company formation in india, support services for the following tasks and documents are rendered ---- Digital Signature Certificate (DSC); Director Identification Number (DIN); Memorandum of Association (MOA); Articles of Association (AOA); Permanent Account Number (PAN); Tax Deduction Application Number (TAN); Bank A/C; etc.
  • Obtaining on behalf of European investors the certificate of business commencement in India, besides the Certificate of Incorporation (COI) for the proposed entry structure.
  • All support services for acquiring properly all mandatory licenses and contracts for business conduction in India and abroad.
  • Proficient and prudent legal services to businesses in the areas of Company and Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Labor and Employment Law, IPR Laws, Maritime and Admiralty Law, Taxation and Insurance Laws, Laws for International Trade, etc. Here, it may also be just mentioned that, our immensely reputed law firm of India is rather conspicuous and popular also for trademark registrations and logo registrations in India and countries worldwide.

To register new company in india under arrangement for FDI, investors of Europe may readily contact us over: +91-81303-00046 or just shoot a concise email or relevant queries to:

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