Company Registration in India for Japan

Giving home to about 17.5% of the world population, India is one of the major and steadily growing economies of the world, which has been receiving huge foreign direct investment every year since 1991, from investors belonging to countries worldwide, especially UK, Singapore, USA, Mauritius, etc. Recently, in the financial year 2013-14, a huge FDI amounting to US$ 29 billion was received by India into the economic sectors of Information Technology, Real Estate (Construction Development), Telecommunications, Hospitality, Power and Energy, Automotive, etc. Today, owing to the following highly impressive and beneficial factors, India is regarded as being one of the top five secure and lucrative destinations in the whole world, for making foreign direct investment (FDI) in a rather large number of its booming economic sectors:
  • India is a vast, varied, and ever-growing market with over 1.25 billion population.
  • The steady and average annual growth rate of Indian economy is about 8%.
  • The majority of large and significant economic sectors of India are fast expanding and progressing steadily.
  • The Central Government of India and the individual State Governments have been creating propitious environment, and rather liberal and generous FDI policies, for attracting greater magnitudes of FDI.
  • Economical availability of well-qualified professionals and managers as well as skilled labor in all parts of India, along with various raw materials.
  • Presence of two globally famous Stock Exchanges in India, along with many regional stock exchanges.
  • India's well-developed marine trades.

Hence, making fdi in india through setting up various types of entry structures, is of immense importance to investors of the world over at present. This webpage offers exclusive information about our excellent and efficient legal and supportive services for swift and perfect company registration in india, to help investors of the world over, especially the Japanese investors of all allowed categories. The section below contains exclusive stock of information regarding offshore company setup in india by all permitted categories of investors, and our professional company formation services, in order to help them for doing business in india in the desired economic sectors smoothly and profitably.

Foreign Company Formation in India by Japanese Investors

Percipient and prudent investors of Japan desirous of maximally productive business setup in india, may avail expert and economical legal services of our internationally reputed law firm of India, well-based in Delhi. Our well-informed, punctilious, and veteran lawyers have been internationally admired for flawless and brisk "company registration india" under the mode of FDI.

Economic sectors forming a rather large number are open to FDI in India, through both the automatic and government routes. The majority of these sectors permit FDI up to 49% through automatic route, and up to 74-100% through the government route. However, many sectors are also present which allow FDI up to 74-100% only through the automatic route. Again, the most popular entry structures for FDI in India are LLPs, Private and Public Limited Companies (either Wholly-owned Companies or Joint Ventures), VCFs (Venture Capital Funds), Indian Venture Capital Undertakings (IVCUs), Partnership Firms/Proprietary Concerns, Branch Office (BO), etc. Our well-experienced and internationally commended law firm of India offers excellent and efficient legal services for registration of these all types of entry structures to help foreign investors.

In addition to services for new company setup in india, our lawyers also provide well-rounded and dedicated support to foreign investors for making the following relevant documents and compliances:
  • The certificate of commencement of business, besides the Certificate of Incorporation (COI)
  • Expert support for preparing Digital Signature Certificate (DSC); Director Identification Number (DIN); Memorandum of Association (MOA); Articles of Association (AOA); Permanent Account Number (PAN); Tax Deduction Application Number (TAN); Bank A/C; etc.
  • Compliance with the FDI Policy of the Central Government of India, and the directly concerned State Government.
  • Compliances to the Rules and Regulations of RBI Act, SEBI Act, FEMA Act, and so on.
  • Selection of the most suitable location for business activity considering parameters like cost of land, industrial incentives, economical availability of manpower, etc.
  • Obtaining necessary Licenses for conduction of business in India.
  • Legal services for the Labor and Employment Law, Corporate Law, Contract and Commercial Laws, Taxation Law, Maritime and Admiralty Law, Intellectual Property Laws, etc.

To register new company in india and avail all other services mentioned above, investors belonging to japan, may readily call at Mobile: +91-81303-00046 or Landline: +91-11-2248-1711 or shoot mail at

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