Company Registration in India for Singapore

Singaporean investors have been well-served by our company lawyers for past many years, in connection with fdi in india, in diverse economic sectors. This island country in the southeast Asia, which is at present, one of the major hubs in the whole world for commercial and financial activities, has been interested in doing business in india since 1991, and therefore, has been one of the outstanding investor countries in India since then. Today, as India has emerged out as one of the top five destinations for making FDI into, we very sincerely invite investors of Singapore for making highly productive and secure investment in various booming economic sectors of India. Our mellow company lawyers and well-experienced lawyers in diverse other disciplines of the law, will help singaporean investors in fast and perfect offshore company setup in india in the desired economic sectors, and will also offer all relevant support services for business setup in india in the most convenient and economical location.

Today, a wide variety of entry structures and categories of investors is allowed for making FDI in numerous fast thriving Indian economic sectors. The majority of Indian economic sectors open to FDI are accessible through the automatic route (for FDI Cap up to 49%), and through the government route for FDI from 49% to 74% or even 100%. However, some sectors also entertain FDI up to 100% only through the automatic route. In the financial year 2013-14, India received a total FDI of US$ 29 billion from investors pertaining to countries worldwide.

Foreign Company Setup in India by Investors from Singapore

For company registration in india on behalf of investors from Singapore, the following are at present the most thriving Indian economic sectors --- Information Technology and ITES; Education; Leisure and Hospitality; Telecommunications; Real Estate (Construction Development); Retail; Pharmaceuticals; Power and Energy; Business Outsourcing; Insurance; Mining and Minerals; Manufacturing; Tea Plantation; Agriculture & Animal Husbandry; Medical Services; and many other booming economic sectors of India. Again, our legal services for new company setup in india cover establishment of all highly preferred types of entry structures to suit the following permitted categories of investors for making FDI in India at present ---- Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs), Foreign Venture Capital Investors (FVCIs), Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs), Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), and so on.

Broadly, our legal services for foreign direct investment in india, covers the following support services in addition to punctilious and expert company formation services in entire India:
  • Getting the certificate of business commencement, in addition to the Certificate of Incorporation (COI) for the desired form of entry structure.
  • Strict compliances with the fdi policies of the central government of India and the directly concerned State governments, and also with the rules and regulations of the RBI, SEBI, FEMA, etc.
  • Guidance and advice regarding the most suitable form of entry structure for any Singaporean investor, the most promising economic sector, and selection of the most favorable place for business setup in India.
  • Support regarding preparation of the following essential documents --- Digital Signature Certificate (DSC); Director Identification Number (DIN); Memorandum of Association (MOA); Articles of Association (AOA); Permanent Account Number (PAN); Tax Deduction Application Number (TAN); Bank A/C; etc.
  • Services for obtaining mandatory licenses for business conduction in entire India.
  • Legal services related with the streams of company and corporate law, commercial law, labor and employment law, IPR laws, maritime and admiralty law, taxation and insurance law, etc.

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