Company Registration

The company registration is also known as the incorporation of a company or the company formation. The rules, regulations, and procedures to be followed for company registration, vary from country to country, but there are many things common in the majority of countries all across the world. The most common things regarding company registration are --- that, a company is considered as being a separate legal entity, different from the legal rights of its members, owners, shareholders, or directors; there are varying company registration process and services for different types of companies; and these diverse forms of companies also facilitate the foreign investors for doing business in any country through making FDI in that country in any desired economic sectors. Our Delhi-based full-fledged and globally prominent law firm Global Jurix has been helping Indian and foreign people and entities in establishing their respective company in cities all across India and the whole world, for nearly a decade, in addition to extending our top-notch legal services related with all other major streams of the law. Again, our well-experienced, well-resourced, and innovative law firm of India offers special legal support and services for making FDI in various sectors of Indian economy by investors belonging to China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, USA, UK, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, UAE, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Nepal, New Zealand, Sweden, and all European countries.

Global Jurix has been providing company registration law services for setting up all various types of companies in India, and other countries of all over the world. These companies compulsorily include the forms of One Person Companies (OPCs), Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability Companies (Known as LLPs in India), Partnership Firms, Unlimited Companies, Non-Profit Companies, Joint Venture Companies, Branch Offices (BOs), and Liaison Offices (LOs). A Limited Company can be a 'Private' or 'Public' Company. The private limited company has lesser number of compliances to be fulfilled and lighter disclosure to be made to the public. But, the shares of a private limited company cannot be offered to the general public, and hence cannot be traded on stock exchanges, like the public limited companies do. The ownership or operation of the private limited company is privately and closely held by its limited number of members, owners, and shareholders. Majority of small companies are private.

Company Registration Process and Services

Elegant, reliable, and economical company registration process and services of Global Jurix, cover the following works and formalities:
  • Advice regarding the Type of company, and proposed Names
  • Scrupulous preparation of Articles of Association (AOA) and the Memorandum of Association (MOA), depending on the type and objectives of the company
  • Guidance regarding PAN, TAN, DIN, and Digital Signatures, as per requirements
  • Properly stamping, digitally signing, and e-filing of all necessary documents with the concerned governmental authorities
  • Filling in up and sending all requisite forms, such as Form INC - 7, 22 and DIR - 12 in India for company registration
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation, on behalf of our clients
  • Preparing the Power of Attorney from Subscribers
  • Wise and expert advice over the Annual Returns and Taxation
  • Helping Foreign Investors and Companies for opening their offices in any country
  • And, all Corporate and Commercial Law Services

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