Construction Law

The construction law, is a recognized body of particular laws, policies, and legal procedures which govern and regulate the very process of construction, and the role, responsibility, inter-personal relationship, and professional business of all individuals, agencies, companies, and organizations of the construction sector, involved directly or indirectly. Today, owing to economic development in almost all sectors of economy, everywhere in the whole world, the Construction Law has evolved as a separate discipline and practice area, quite distinguished from its traditional practices under the categories of Project Finance, Real Estate, or Corporate Law. Global Jurix, a worldwide prominent full-service legal organization based in India, provides an all-encompassing range of construction law services, anywhere in India and abroad.

The construction law applies to constructions in all Governmental and Private sectors, including industrial, residential, commercial, hospitality, power, transportation, oil and gas, bridges and flyovers, and so on. While the people, companies, and organizations involved in the construction sector are land and real estate owners, property developers and builders, financial institutions, project sponsors and financers, contractors & subcontractors, engineers, material suppliers, planners, designers and architects, surveyors, real estate brokers, insurers, construction consultants, construction workers, and officials of governing and regulating agencies or organizations. Our legal services for construction sector cover all these sectors of economy, and all these people, companies, and organizations.

Construction Law Services

Our construction law services are available at every step towards the construction and development of any concrete structure in any or all the fields mentioned above. Moreover, our legal services for construction sector are beneficial to every individual, agency, company, or organization involved directly or indirectly in erection and establishment of any such structure, in the Governmental or Private sectors. Our teams of construction lawyers and attorneys, has an extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience in connection with the following legal services for construction sector:
  • Construction Law
  • All Construction Compliances
  • Real Estate Law and Litigation
  • Contract Law
  • Construction Consultancy
  • Labour and Employment Law
  • Design and Architectural Copyright
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Business Transactions related to Construction
  • Governmental or Private Contracting
  • Construction Defect
  • Liens/Bonds
  • Construction Claims and Litigations
  • Drafting all Contracts, Agreements, Regulatory Instructions, Policies, and Prosecution
  • Construction Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution
  • Safety and Environmental Issues
  • And, all other Issues, Problems, and Disputes, etc, associated with Construction

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