Copyright Infringement

The Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the owner of an original and unique creation, for appreciation and protection to it, over a specified period of time in the future. Any type of unauthorized or prohibited utilization of such works under copyright, in any way, is referred to as a copyright infringement. The copyright infringement laws enable the copyright holders and owners to take proper and formal legal actions against the infringers and get due compensation. Global Jurix supports well-rounded the copyright owners and present copyright holders in all sectors of business and profession in countries all across the world, through its rigorous and prompt legal services against copyright infringement, nationally or globally.

The copyright infringement is a sternly contemptible and punishable offence. Even criminal penalties and punishments can also be applicable to large-scale commercial piracies. Today, the small and big cases of copyright infringements are observed frequently everywhere, owing to factors like harsh business competition; mercenary commercial and professional practices by some people and companies; and highly developed means of engineering & technology, information technology and multimedia; etc. Reproduction, Republication, or Redistribution of copyright works illegally without due permission of the copyright owners, are the most common forms of copyright infringement.

Copyright Infringement Laws and Services

Our legal services against copyright infringement are in strict conformity with the copyright infringement laws of different countries, and the international copyright treaty of Berne Convention. At present, there are over 150 member countries to this widely adopted international copyright treaty.

Through our offices worldwide, our well-learned and greatly experienced intellectual property lawyers, advocates, and attorneys, provide the complete range of legal services against copyright infringement, including copyright infringement lawsuits and litigations. The areas covered by our responsible and economical services, are the following:
  • All Original and Unique Written Works, such as content articles, documents, books, poems, novels, plays, study materials, etc.
  • All Audio and Video compositions and recordings
  • Motion Pictures and Films
  • All Photographic and Choreographic works
  • Diverse Paintings, Drawings, and Pictures
  • Architectural Layouts, Designs, and Drawings
  • Graphic, Pictorial, or Sculpture creations

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