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The copyright registration protects the original and unique works of a person or organization from being stolen, used, translated, or reproduced illegally by any unauthorized person or organization in any way. The copyright registration also additionally serves to reward the original intellectual property and creative works of a person, even after the death of the person. Thus, the copyright registration is a powerful legal proof and safeguard for the legitimate rights of the copyright owner, against any type of plagiarism or infringement, for the specified time in the future. All original literary, dramatic, artistic, or musical works of a person, including all types of writings, paintings, sound recordings, computer software, music, architectural designs, sculptures, and cinematograph films, are suitable and advisable for proper copyright registration, as per the Copyright Rules and Regulations of the concerned country. Global Jurix provides copyright registration services, including the online copyright registration, for all these types of intellectual property.

The main purpose of the copyright registration is to serve as an easily verifiable and governmental record accounting for the date and content of the original works of person, especially in the cases of plagiarism or copyright infringement by an unauthorized person or entity. Here, it may be noted that a copyright protects the original and unique expressions of ideas, thoughts, facts, and intellectual creativity; and not the ideas, facts, methods, or systems involved in the works. These things are dealt with separately under the patent registration, which we also provide. Again, the copyright registration rules and procedures differ from country to country, and so is the time-duration of copyright protection. Generally it ranges from 50 to 70 years; in India, the copyright protection is given for 60 years, which can be extended further through renewal.

Copyright Law Services

One of the famous and popular legal organizations of India and the world, Global Jurix extends legal services to individuals, companies, commercial enterprises, institutions, and organizations of all sectors of economy, as per their specific necessities. In the context of the copyright law, the following are our main copyright law services:
  • Information about and advice over copyright registration
  • Accomplishing proper and secure copyright registrations
  • Counsel on the best possible protection of intellectual properties
  • Copyright Infringement
  • And, all matters, disputes, and litigations related to the copyright law.

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