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Comprehensive and meticulous copyright search offers the owner of specified creative works the full and exclusive satisfaction regarding his/her/its creation being original, unique, novel, and valid, and deserves prompt and secure copyright registration. Availing copyright search services of reliable and reputed legal organizations such as Global Jurix, results in saving of lots of time, money, and other precious resources of the owners of matters to be copyright. The copyright registration extends full protection to the original and unique creations, and all genuine rights to the intellectual creator or inventor.

Global Jurix is a globally famous and popular full-fledged law firm of India, which has been offering full legal services to all sorts of business and profession, in countries of all across the world. Our scrupulous and economical legal services for copyright search are desired everywhere, by virtue of elegance, ingenuity, and subtlety. Our experienced and mellow intellectual property and corporate lawyers and attorneys, copyright professionals, technical professionals, worldwide connections, copyright examiners and searchers, and research scholars, and so on, help us dedicatedly in performing our tasks flawlessly and punctually.

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Our copyright search services go comprehensively through all regional, national, and international copyright data bases, issued and published copyright applications, copyright registration and renewal searches, and all related Prior Art. Moreover, our expeditious and meticulous legal services for copyright search are available for matters and things connected with almost all professional, business, academic, industrial, and technical fields of economy. The most prominent and popular fields in which our copyright search services have been greatly utilized are Life Sciences (biotechnology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental technologies, etc.), Engineering and Technological, Scientific and Technical, Business and Commerce, Medical, and Information Technology and Software.

Our trustworthy and confidential legal services for copyright search are available for all written documents, contents, poems, books, articles, etc; paintings, drawings, and pictures; all audio and video compositions and recordings; movies and films; architectural designs and drawings; objects of multimedia and animation; things of sculpture; and many more.

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