The term Copyright means right available against possible copying of innovative work. In order to exercise the right available under Copyright a work must be unique and innovative. In order to protect a work it is not necessary that it should be registered under Copyright, however registration provides an add on advantage against possible infringement of the work. Copyright mainly covers artistic, literary, musical, dramatic, song recording, and computer proramme.

A Copyright is registered for a period of 60 years beyond the lifetime of of author/owner.The forms that are required to be fileed at the time of filing the Copyright application are Form IV (three copies), statement of particulars (three copies), statement of further particulars( three copies ) No objection certificate from the owner if he is not the applicant, Power of Attorney, three sets of work and short description about the work.The copyright application has to be signed either by the applicant or his authorised attorney.It takes near about six to eight months for a work to gets registered (if case of work involving normal procedure).

A Copyright application applied in India gurantees protection within the territorial limits of Indian only. An international application shall not be valid in India as India is not a member of the same. The government fees for filing a copyright application is the minimum as compared to other aspects coming within the scope of Intellectual Property Rights. Copyright office is located only in New Delhi in India.

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