Corporate Frauds and Independent Searches

"Global Jurix helps you in resolving corporate frauds and in making independent searches in India under the supervision of legal experts and top rated attorneys."

Helping expertly and punctiliously the corporate world of India and numerous international companies located abroad, for nearly a decade, our globally reputed law firm of India inseparably provides efficient legal support for tackling corporate frauds in all economic sectors. Our proficient services for resolving corporate frauds and conducting independent searches can be very beneficial to large private and public limited companies including the publicly traded companies or their senior executives, other forms of companies, stakeholders, investors, lenders, employees, government authorities, and the general public, depending upon the type and nature of the corporate frauds and the complainants. So far, numerous Indian and foreign individuals and companies have availed our services for resolving corporate frauds, for the purposes of better corporate governance and management, greater productivity and profitability, stable and ever-growing consumers confidence, better reputation of the company or organization, increased satisfaction of investors and employees, and desired growth of the business of the company.

A corporate fraud is any fraud committed within a company or organization, to gain dishonest and illegal advantages (most commonly financial) by the perpetrating individuals or company. A corporate fraud may be carried out to deceive deliberately the investors or lending companies, or other employees or stakeholders, the government authorities (such as tax fraud), the business and profitability of the employing company, or any third parties, the general customers/consumers, or businesses of other companies in the same or different economic sectors. Our intelligent and adept lawyers, legal investigators, and forensic accountants are well-experienced in resolving the majority of the following sorts of corporate frauds in India and abroad:
  • Account Takeover
  • Intellectual Property Fraud
  • Bankruptcy related Fraud
  • Fraudulent Vendor Invoices
  • Inventory related Fraud
  • Exploiting Assets and Sensitive Information
  • False Accounting
  • Share Sale Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Product Diversion
  • Asset Stripping
  • Fraudulent Trading
  • Share Ramping
  • Publishing False Financial Information
  • And, many other types of corporate frauds.

Our fraud investigations employ impeccable and highly effective fact-finding strategies and techniques, and include tasks like reviewing financial reports /records to discover fraudulent practices and financial irregularities, interviews of employees and investors, retrieval and analysis of critical documents and data, identification of non-employee witnesses, forensic analysis of all available facts and findings, etc. Suspicion regarding the possibility of any corporate fraud is often raised by a tip from someone internal or external. In the majority of cases, this tipster is anyone of the following --- an employee, a customer, an outside vendor, an investor or stakeholder, a contractor, or any third party.

To uncover any suspected corporate fraud, identify the perpetrators, and bring closure through rigorous legal channel or compensation, companies or their senior executives, stakeholders or lenders, or the regulatory governmental authorities, may readily avail our fraud investigation services directly or anonymously, through contacting over: +91-8130-3000-46; or sending a lapidary email to:

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