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Corporate Governance is one of the essential and most significant spheres well-served by our globally reputed law firm of India for over a decade. Our erudite, well-experienced, and mellow corporate lawyers and other legal professionals have been extending comprehensive and expert legal support and services for efficient and impeccable corporate governance and regulatory compliances to almost all sectors of Indian economy, and also in many economic sectors of some countries abroad. So far, numerous enterprises and various popular forms of companies, NGOs, not-for-profit companies (which are now established under the section-8 of the new Companies Act of 2013), colleges and universities, industrialists, directors and board of directors, businesspersons and business managers, trustees, and professionals have been helped by our full-fledged and prestigious law firm of Delhi, in this connection. Our services related with the corporate law, corporate governance, commercial law, and other inherently connected areas of the law with businesses and professions in various economic sectors, are all-encompassing and covers the following topics and services:
  • Selection and incorporation of the most appropriate type of company for specific business/profession/service
  • Drafting flawless and impeccable MOA, AOA, or Trust Deed, etc, of the selected entity
  • All tax-related registrations
  • Licenses for business conduction
  • Export-Import Code
  • Processing and Compliances with the concerned ROC, MCA, RBI, SEBI, Income Tax Department, CBEC, and other State and Central bodies concerned
  • Rights and Duties of stakeholders/investors, directors including the independent directors, board of directors, and other people connected with administration and management of a limited company.
  • Tasks and guidance related with business or commercial law of India
  • Formulating policies for greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Guidance regarding Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Joint Ventures (JVs) in India and abroad
  • IPO and Trading on Stock Exchanges
  • Expert support and advice for FDI in India
  • Devising strategies for undaunted business progress and desired growth
  • Formulating policies and strategies for greater satisfaction to consumers and the stakeholders/investors
  • Legal support for international business and trade
  • Security and Welfare of Manpower and diverse types of Intellectual Property of the company

To avail our impeccable, securing, and innovative legal and advisory services concerned with corporate governance, interested people and corporate entities may contact over: +91-8800-100-284; or mail their questions or curiosities to:

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