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One of the widely known legal organizations of the world, Global Jurix also provides a long array of legal services and advices for huge and great benefits to every individual, entrepreneur, commercial company, private or governmental institution, business corporate, business manager and director, investor, shareholder, and other people and organizations associated with the highly competitive and volatile world of national and global businesses of diverse sectors.

The offices of Global Jurix law firm are spread all across the world in most of the big cities of it. This well-established official infrastructure enables us to perform easily and excellently a wide range of legal services for professionals and organizations of commercial, administrative, academic, and social welfare sectors. One of the famous and popular corporate law firms of India and the world, we have a pool of highly learned and experienced corporate law attorneys and lawyers, extensive and close rapport with numerous legal organizations of all over the world, harmonious relationship with a great many successful and leading business companies of India and abroad, and a team of veteran business directors and consultants for reliable and highly productive information about the current trends of global business. Moreover, we offer prompt, intelligent (sometimes innovative), punctilious, punctual, and quite economical legal services in any desired country of all across the whole world.

Corporate Law Practice Areas

Presently, Global Jurix is a prominent corporate law firms of India, and provides the following legal services to entrepreneurs, business owners, commercial companies, corporate businesses, investors, and business consultants of all over the world:
  • legal services for company formation and business establishment
  • legal services for preparation and efficacy of business contracts
  • legal services regarding capital market
  • intellectual property law services
  • immigration law services
  • legal services for business and commercial litigation
  • legal services for secured business agreements and transactions
  • legal counsel for setting up, or sale, or purchase of a company
  • legal services for mergers and acquisitions (M & A)
  • and, other services for better running of businesses

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