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Since the Industrial Designs are highly significant and sensitive intellectual property in various industrial, professional, and commercial fields, our lawyers compulsorily extend the full-range of legal services for industrial designs used in all related economic sectors. Today, our legal services for industrial designs are rather popular in entire India, at par with our services for trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Moreover, our expert and swift legal support and services for this major category of intellectual property are provided at both the national level in India, and the international level in countries worldwide. Also, ours these flawless, efficient, and reasonably-charged legal services for designs are available for both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional industrial designs.

Industrial designs are specific shapes, patterns, or configurations in two or three dimensions which are used in products or devices of various relevant industrial fields, for meeting one or more of the following objectives --- proper functioning, better or higher efficiency, ease and convenience of the users, greater utility and durability, impressive aesthetics, and other desirable features or facilities of the related products or equipments. A design can be anything ranging from a mere strategic arrangement of lines and patterns on a textile item or a plate, to the overall contour of a machine part or a car.

Our opulent gamut of legal and supportive services for industrial designs utilized in all related fields, encompasses the following tasks and services:
  • Guidance for conceptualization of an appropriate and perfect design
  • Verification of the originality and uniqueness of the selected design through design searches
  • All processing for Design Registration
  • Design Opposition
  • Design Infringement Litigation
  • Design Prosecutions for different objectives
  • Design Watch and Monitoring
  • Design Renewals
  • Licensing or Hiring of Industrial Designs
  • And, other services for protection of designs in the desired jurisdictions.

The pre-requisites for prompt and smooth registration of any industrial design are mainly the following --- it shall be original and unique in shape, contour, or pattern (i.e. distinct from all designs in prior art); easy and clear perceptibility through naked eyes; capability of being mass produced using certain industrial processes, and being sold in the market independently; and the proposed design must not bear the shapes previously registered under the Trademarks Act or the Copyright Act of the concerned jurisdiction. In India, our legal services for designs are regulated by all zonal design registration offices of the country, including the head office located in Kolkata, and under the ambit of the rules and provisions described in the Designs Act of 2000 and the Designs Rules of 2001. And, at the international level worldwide, our services for industrial designs are extended under the provisions and regulations of anyone or more of the following conventions and treaties --- Hague Agreement, TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Community Designs.

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