Education Advisory Services

The opulent and ever-enriching gamut of our superb legal services (including the legal advisory services) inevitably includes the education law and education advisory services, to help people and institutions engaged in the education sector of India or abroad. Along with top-notch, expeditious, and reasonably-charged legal services for corporate world, international business and trade, foreign direct investment in India, labor and employment law, etc., our delhi-based law firm is also internationally famous and popular for education law services.

Here it may be mentioned that the education law is considered as being a very significant branch of the Civil Law, and deals exclusively with establishment and management of educational institutions, formulating curriculum and courses, methods and technologies for teaching, education policies, devising principles for social equality and development, and strategies for betterment and growth in the education sector. Our expert, swift, and fully responsible education advisory services are offered in connection with the following broad areas:
  • Planning and establishment of diverse educational institutions concerned with elementary education to higher education in India or abroad
  • Drafting all mandatory and legal documents for establishment, administration, and management of any educational institution
  • Formation and establishment of educational Trusts and Societies in India or abroad
  • Legal and advisory services in connection with Real Estate Law and Construction Law
  • Advisory regarding the Taxation and Insurance
  • Advisory services related with getting recognition/affiliation from UGC, AICTE, MCI, BCI, INC, PCI, etc.
  • Regulatory and Annual Compliances
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Formulation of Study Curriculum and Courses
  • Technology Transfers and Innovations
  • Foreign Liaisons and Collaborations
  • Educational Project Finance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • FDI in India in Education Sector

Education Institutions Set up Advisory

Our highly refined, fast, and fully responsible services related with education institutions set up advisory, are available for the following varieties of educational institutions:
  • Pre-schools and play-schools to nursery schools
  • Primary to secondary, and higher secondary schools
  • Boarding schools
  • Higher education colleges
  • Coaching institutes
  • Private and State Universities
  • Educational Trusts and Societies
  • Engineering and Medical Colleges
  • Law Colleges and Universities
  • Paramedical/Pharmacy Colleges
  • International Schools
  • And, educational and vocational training institutions in many other areas of education and occupation.

Right from the very planning and setting up of these all categories of educational institutions in India and abroad, our well-informed, richly-experienced, and mellowed educational lawyers offer legal and advisory services for perfect administration, efficient management, getting accreditation from the concerned education board/regulating body, and other areas mentioned above. In India, our expert education lawyers have helped numerous people and entities in establishing primary to high secondary schools under the norms of State Boards, CBSE, ISC, ICSE, and International Boards (IBO, Cambridge IGCSE, and CIS). At the level of higher education, our education attorneys have supported in establishment of many fast-thriving private colleges and universities under the canopy of State Governments or the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India.

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