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The Education law is a branch of Civil Law, and deals with the laws, regulations, policies, and instructions which govern and regulate Federal and State Education, and also the education provided by the private institutions, from the pre-nursery school level to the higher education in universities. The main and vital areas of its applications are administration and operation of educational institutions; curriculum and courses; instruction and teaching methods; equal educational opportunities to all students; no discrimination based on race, religion, caste, color, creed, sex, nationality, or disability; encouragement to nobility and merit; and all practices for a well-rounded personality and professional development of students for a better future. Thus, the ambit of education law is rather extensive, and is pivotal for all-round progress and prosperity of any far-sighted nation.

Our legal services for education sector, cover these all areas, in India, and all other countries of all around the world. Here, it is noteworthy that Global Jurix is one of the globally famous and popular full-service legal organizations of the world, and offers excellent and economical legal services to almost all sectors of commerce and economy. Its broad range of education law services, has been benefitting students, educators, educational trusts and societies, promoters of education and employment, parents, teachers and professors, schools, colleges, educational institutions, and universities of the Governmental and Private sectors, for a long time, in India and abroad.

Education Laws Services

Well-learned and experienced education lawyers and attorneys of Global Jurix, have been a rich mine of accurate and reliable information, and an opulent resource for well-rounded education law services and support. From the inception of an educational institution or society, our legal services for education sector, guide and advise its sound administration and smooth running towards the attainment of its objectives quickly. Our main, admired, and popular education law services, are the following:
  • Planning and Establishment of any robust Educational Institution
  • Drafting all requisite documents, and getting proper registration
  • Compliance of all regulatory laws and rules of concerned authorities
  • Taxation and Insurance matters
  • Educational project finance
  • Employment of educational faculties
  • Formulation of curriculum and programs
  • Adoption or transfer of teaching technology
  • Facilitating merging and acquisition of institutions
  • Making Collaborations easier
  • And, other legal services for education sector.

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