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All developmental and productive activities and works in the spheres of personal and familial life, profession, social welfare, commercial or professional businesses, etc., are essentially and invaluably well-supported by education at diverse levels. Therefore, the education sector is indeed a propelling and magnificent economic sector in every country, for all-round development and prosperity. Hence, ours globally acclaimed and reputed law firm has been providing the complete gamut of legal services for people and entities engaged in the education sector at different levels in countries situated worldwide. Our legal services for education sector are described comprehensively in the lower section of this article for better conception and convenience. Education at schools, colleges, professional institutions, and universities, all are well-covered by ours refined and swift education law services in India and abroad. The education law is recognized as a significant branch of the Civil Law in any country, and deals exclusively with the inception of educational institutions, administration and management, curriculum and courses, methods of teaching, education policies, mandatory compliances, and measures adopted for encouragement to merit and nobility in a discrimination-free environment. Today, ours firm Global Jurix LLP is globally prominent for flawless and swift education law services worldwide.

Education Legal Services

Offering all-round support and services for establishing educational institutions including private and public schools, boarding schools, higher education colleges, professional institutions, engineering and medical colleges, private universities, nursing colleges, pharmacy institutes, law colleges or universities, educational trust and societies, etc., has been an essential and vital part of ours all legal services for the education sector worldwide. Ours well-experienced, refined, and innovative education attorneys and lawyers have been serving a large number of educators, governmental and private educational institutions, private schools and colleges, private universities, students and parents, professors and professionals, educational employers and employees, and other people and agencies associated with the education sector. In India, we have been helping people and entities in setting up schools recognized by the Central or State Governments as per the requirements of the CBSE, ISC, ICSE, State Boards, or International Boards. At higher education level, we have supported in establishing private colleges and universities under the State Governments or the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, properly approved by the AICTE or MCI. Ours refined and innovative education law services are offered under the following major categories:
  • Planning and Inception of all types of Educational Institutions ranging from Private Schools and Colleges to Universities
  • Establishment of Educational Trusts and Societies
  • Getting Approvals from all concerned Authorities
  • Preparing all requisite Documentation
  • All Regulatory Compliances with Governing Bodies
  • All Taxation and Insurance matters
  • Real Estate and Construction Laws
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Formulation of perfect Curriculum and Courses
  • Educational Project Finance
  • Technology Transfers and Innovations
  • Foreign Liaisons and Collaborations
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • And, other areas of the education sector requiring expert legal support.

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