Global Jurix extends a wide range of employment and labour laws services (described in the section below) perfectly and dependably in countries all around the world, in accordance with ILO. We have dealt excellently with almost all types of collective employment law and Individual labour Law, for bringing about secure industrial and corporate peace and harmony.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the oldest and only regulating and advising body for resolving all international employment and labour welfare disputes. ILO advocates the noble doctrine that labour is certainly not an insensible commodity to be traded like goods, services, or capital, and also that human dignity essentially deserves lawful equality of treatment, and proper and fair dealing, within the premises of any workplace.

Employment Law

The Labour Law (also known as the employment Law) is a well-conceived compilation of statutory laws, administrative rulings, employment standards, and pertinent legal precedents, which guides, regulates, and resolves, all matters and dealings existing between the employer and the employee, with or without a trade unionism. Thus, the labour or employment law (legislative, regulatory, or judicial) deals exclusively with the actions, rights, and responsibilities of both the employers and employees, and also with the harmonious and productive relationship between them.

One of the globally reputed legal organizations of the world, Global Jurix has been representing its clients (both employees and employers) of diverse sectors of commerce and economy, before the legitimate Provincial or Federal Law Courts, regulating or administrative agencies or organizations, and any other forums, in countries all across the world, including India. We undertake these tasks, in addition to supporting our these clients in averting any such litigations probable, through counseling them on matters of their concern.

Our employment and labour laws services pertain to the following categories, and are provided punctiliously by our expert and well-experienced lawyers and attorneys, in India and abroad:
  • Management and Trade Union Relations
  • Private and Public Sectors Employment Issues
  • Civil Rights Charges and Litigations
  • Foreign Employment Laws
  • Employment Benefits Litigations
  • Workers Compensation
  • Health and Safety of Employees
  • Employees Progress and Welfare
  • Wrongful Discharge and Termination
  • Employment Tort Litigations
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Wage and Employment Standards
  • Employment Contracts and Agreements
  • Whistleblower Charges and Litigations
  • And, other matters and disputes concerned with Employment, Labour, and Industrial Harmony

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