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The latest visionary decision of the Government of India to allow FDI up to 49% in India's domestic aviation, is expected to heal the cash-strapped aviation industry of India, and attract massive foreign direct investment in the aviation sector of India, in short and long future. Consequently, the huge aviation sector of India will flourish luxuriantly in near future, to become one of the largest and most glamorous aviation industries in the whole world. Rich, refined, and exclusive information regarding the Indian aviation sector, is being offered in the section below, as service to our Indian and foreign visitors. Ours globally famous and reputed law firm has been extending perfect and punctilious legal services to all sectors of economy in India and countries worldwide, essentially including the galloping aviation sector. For ours swift and economical legal services to the aviation sector, please refer to other articles with similar titles, in ours this website. We offer all-round and expert legal services for foreign direct investment in the aviation sector of India and abroad.

According to a recent RNCOS Report, India is one among the top ten largest markets of the world, in respect of aviation, and is growing tremendously with a high growth rate of 15% every year, to become one of the top five aviation markets in the whole world by 2020. The aviation sector of India has been serving about 100 million aviation travelers every year, both international and domestic, in the recent years. India's domestic aviation market has also been growing rapidly with growth rates of over 15% every year since past few years. According to a report published by International Air Transport Association (IATA) in June 2011, the domestic aviation market of India will emerge out as the third biggest domestic aviation market in the entire world by 2020 with over 450 million domestic passengers, after the domestic markets of USA and China.

The latest FDI policies of the Government of India in the aviation sector, are therefore, to entice remarkable and huge foreign direct investment in the Indian aviation industry, by foreign aviation companies, carriers, and investors, in near and far future. It is evident from the above elucidation that, the aviation sector of India, is considered as one of the most secure and profitable destinations in the entire world, for FDI in aviation. India's vast and ever-growing economy is to enhance the number of air travelers at domestic and international levels, which in turn, will promote further growth and prosperity in the aviation sector of India.

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