Foreign Direct Investment in India

The fast and steadily growing economy of India in majority of its sectors, has made India one of the most famous and popular destinations in the whole world, for Foreign Direct Investment. India's ever-expanding markets, liberalization of trade policies, development in technology and telecommunication, and loosening of diverse foreign investment restrictions, have further collectively made India, the apple of investors' eye, for most productive, profitable, and secure foreign investment. According to a recent survey by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), India has conspicuously emerged out as the second most popular and preferable destination in the entire world, after China, for highly profitable foreign direct investment.

In recent years, bulk of the foreign direct investment in indian business sectors of infrastructure, telecommunication, information technology, computer hardware and software, and hospitality services, have been made by investors of countries like US, UK, Mauritius, Singapore, and many others. Global Jurix, one of the leading full-fledged legal organizations of India with global repute, has been helping companies, business corporations, organizations, and other potential investors of countries all around the world, in making foreign direct investment in indian business sectors, in various ways described in the section below.

FDI Law Practice India

The foreign direct investment in indian business sectors, can easily be made in a variety of ways, through the Governmental and Automatic Routes. However, the Joint Ventures are the most popular and preferred forms of making investment in Indian industry. At present, the most lucrative business sectors for FDI in India are, Infrastructure (Power, Steel, Railways, etc.); Telecommunications; Hospitality sector; Education; Retail; Real Estate; Retail sector, Petroleum and Petroleum Products; Biotechnology; Alternative Energy, etc. Global Jurix can help well-rounded the foreign investors of all class and categories for getting highly lucrative and secure FDI in India, through providing the following legal services reliably and economically:
  • Company Formation and Company Law services
  • Establishment of Joint ventures
  • Corporate and Commercial Law services
  • For making all mandatory Compliances
  • Drafting all requisite Contracts, Agreements, and other Documents
  • Setting up Subsidiaries
  • Tax Planning
  • Project Finance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Private Equity
  • And, other legal services for FDI in India.

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