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Franchising is a strategic business alliance between the well-established business Company or Corporation (or any of its Franchisors) and its Franchisees at regional, national, and international levels, formed for the common goal to capture greater customers and thereby dominate the market for specific goods/products/services. Franchising is an important area of our Business Law practices, as it is one of the hugely popular ways of doing business in today's highly competitive marketplace. Franchising is quite developed and prominent in the countries of USA, Australia, Canada, China, France, Brazil, and a large number of other European and Asian countries. Our worldwide connected and reputed full-service legal organization Global Jurix, offers an all-inclusive range of expert and economical legal services for franchise system of distribution and marketing, in India and other countries of all across the world.

Franchise Legal Advice

Today, the business of franchising has developed or developing in most of the major sectors of commerce and economy, and there are more than 100 different types of franchise businesses available in these fields which essentially includes Fast Food, Automotives, Financial Services, Health and Beauty, Cleaning & Maintenance, etc.

A Franchise is nothing but a right granted to an individual or a group (called Franchisee) to market the goods/products/services of an established company, using the trademark and brand image of the company, under a mutually agreed agreement or contract (called Franchise Agreement/Contract). This Franchise is given to the Franchisee by the reputed company (or by any of its Franchisors) under the conditions of payment of one-time Franchise-Fee and ongoing Franchise Royalty Fees to the Franchisor. The franchisee usually has to follow strictly certain rules and guidelines of the franchisor, and the franchise contract or agreement generally tends to be unilateral in favor of the franchisor. However, the franchisor too have certain obligations like providing due rights and support to the franchisees for business development.

With intensive understanding of extensive business of franchising, our percipient, experienced, and innovative franchise attorneys and lawyers offer precious information, well-rounded executive legal support, and immensely productive franchise legal advice to the franchisors, franchisees, franchise brokers, corporate company and conglomerates, franchise underwriters, and other people, agencies, and organizations involved in the system of franchising, for better success, security, and profitability.

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