Our expert and efficient legal services and advice for franchising to people and entities located in India and abroad, have been hugely popular and admired highly for nearly a decade. Today, as the franchise system of distribution and marketing has well-developed and immensely popular in India and countries worldwide owing to intensely competitive businesses in almost all economic sectors, our impeccable and innovative services for franchising have become more important and profitable to all interested people and entities engaged in various sectors of economy. Some of the most striking fields where the franchise businesses are most common and popular are the following --- Automotives, Financial Services, Health and Beauty, Fast Food, Cleaning & Maintenance, etc. The franchise attorneys and lawyers of ours globally famous law firm of India, well-established in Delhi, are well-experienced, mellow, and innovative enough to provide the most appropriate, securing, and lucrative advices and services to all people and entities involved in the business of franchising at varying hierarchic and commercial levels.

Franchising is basically a very convenient and highly strategic business alliance between a franchisor and its franchisees located in places within and outside the country of the franchisor, established for the common objective of enticing an ever-growing number of customers and thereby capturing the constantly increasing market share in the fields of the concerned products/services/goods. A franchisor may be an individual person or company or a firm, which is well-established and reputed in the field of any specific products/services in any country. For the purposes mentioned above, this franchisor may appoint or deploy many or numerous franchisees (individuals or groups of people) at regional, national, or international levels, under the conditions specified in the respective franchise agreement. The franchisees will then be responsible for business development of the franchisor, harvesting the well-established trademark or brand image of the franchisor. Our all-encompassing services for franchising essentially cover the following tasks and activities:
  • Well-informed and wise guidance and suggestions for selection of a business franchising in the desired economic sector in India or any country abroad
  • Determination of franchise fee and subsequent franchise royalty fees
  • Drafting appropriate and flawless franchise agreements
  • Obtaining industrial or commercial licenses for franchise business conduction
  • All tax-related registrations and compliances
  • Mandatory government approvals
  • Alternative dispute resolution or litigation
  • And, legal advices and services related with the corporate law, commercial law, labor and employment law, intellectual property laws, taxation and insurance laws, laws associated with international business and trade, etc.

To avail our masterly and swift legal services and advice for the business of franchising in India or abroad, interested companies and MNCs, franchisors, franchisees, franchise brokers, franchise underwriters, etc., may contact us immediately over: +91-8130-3000-46; or mail relevant queries or problems to:

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