GST Registration

GST Registration in India is now a compulsory requirement for all liable people and economic entities engaged in various economic fields in places all across the country. Since 1st July 2017, the GST Act of India has been promulgated, and all eligible people and entities require to get registration under the GST regime within 30 days from the date of their liability to do so. However, the Casual Taxable Persons and Non-Resident Taxable Persons need to apply for the gst registration at least five days before commencement of their respective business/service. People and entities not registered under GST, cannot collect taxes from customers nor claim any input tax credits. This webpage contains brief but very useful information about the gst registration in india, to help the concerned Indian and foreign entities in all economic fields.

The section below, presents separate information about the gst registration procedure, and this section now offers some relevant pieces of information about the GST and expert and efficient legal services of our internationally famous full-service law firm of Delhi. The dual system of GST in India seeks to effect the following desirable changes

  • To eliminate the various indirect taxes levied in entire India, replacing those by a single GST
  • To prevent the cascading effects of various indirect taxes, making the system easy and transparent
  • One single GST (collected at multiple stages) will now be used for any specific product or service in regions across India
  • Tax compliances have been made easier and lesser
  • To alleviate corruption and red-tap, and improve further the Ease of Doing Business in India.

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How to Apply for New GST Registration?

GST registration is provided under different categories of liable taxpayers, which are based on the criteria of the types of business transactions, the annual turnover, and the location of the business/service. Broadly, these categories of taxpayers (who were paying various indirect taxes to the State and Central Governments, prior to the GST system) are the following --- the Normal Taxpayers; Inter-State Suppliers; Casual Taxable Persons; Non-Resident Taxable Persons; Composition Taxpayers; Input Service Distributors (ISDs); E-Commerce Operators; and TDS Deductors. The taxpayers who are not put under all other categories of taxpayers, and their annual turnover becomes more than INR Two million (for north-eastern States and other special category States of India, this turnover threshold is INR One million), are generically termed as the Normal Taxpayers. All other classes of liable taxpayers are compulsorily required to obtain GST registration under the appropriate categories, regardless of the size of their individual annual turnover. Readily available are the facilities for prompt online gst registration with the GST Common Portal (

To login to the GST Common Portal and create a New User ID & Password thereon, applicants are necessitated to get first a Provisional ID and a Password from their respective CBEC/State Commercial Tax Departments. On enrolment, an applicant will be provided a provisional GST registration certificate in the gst registration form GST REG-25, containing GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number). The GSTIN is a unique 15-digit number code, based on the PAN and the concerned State/Union Territory of the applicant.

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