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The Immigration Laws and Policies of a certain country are related with and govern all temporary and permanent immigrations to it, its citizenship, and the specified objectives for doing so. These immigration laws vary more or less from country to country. Every country of the world has its specific immigrations laws & regulation, and policies for governing, managing, and controlling immigrations to the country in the light of law and order security, peace & prosperity, and complete safety to its citizens and the whole nation. India has the provision of Single Citizenship applicable to the entire country as described in the Articles 5-11 of the Constitution of India (Part-II).

Global Jurix (, one of the leading Legal Organizations of India and the world, also offers reliable, prompt, economical, and excellent services in the immigration law field to individuals, families, and companies of the world over in India or any desired country, with diverse migration purposes. Global Jurix has its offices in most of the major cities in all across the world, and it is one of the eminent and popular immigration law firms in india, by dint of its perfect and gratifying immigration law services to clients with varying requirements.

Immigration Law Services

Immigration includes the short-term, long-term, and permanent migration to any part of a country, for being a citizen of it, for employment or business, or for any other purposes. Tourists, students, exploring businessmen, officials, and seasonal laborers also, may come under the category of immigrants. We act strictly and punctiliously as per the requirements and national Government policies of the concerned country regarding all these types of immigrations, in India or any other countries of the world.

Global Jurix has been helping individuals, families, companies, businesses, employers, and organizations impressively and gratifyingly, regarding the issues of Visas, Immigrations, Citizenship, and temporary or permanent Settlements in any country since the year 2002.

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