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Immigration is natural and advantageous phenomenon for development and progress, peaceful and harmonious co-existence, and international fraternity. Today, immigration is well-facilitated to countries all across the world by the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Global Jurix, one of the full-service globally prominent legal organizations of the world, provides prompt, flawless, secure, and economical, immigration law services as per the requirements of people, companies, and organizations of diverse sectors, in and for every country of the world, essentially including India.

The immigration law of a country deals exclusively with the rules, regulations, and policies devised for governing, regulating, and controlling immigration to any part of it for mentioned purpose, and its regional or national citizenship for the specified period of time. The contents and priorities of immigration law vary from country to country, depending on specific law and order, culture, governmental policies, climatic reasons, peace and safety, diverse developmental priorities, etc. India has the provision of Single Citizenship as described in the Articles 5-11, of the Constitution of India, Part - II.

Immigration Legal Services

Our immigration legal services encompass all short and long-term and also permanent migration to any part of the desired country for the specified purposes. So far, we have helped and advised a large number of individuals, professionals, investors, families, companies, employers, entrepreneurs, students, refugees, and others, regarding the issues of Immigration, requisite Visas, Citizenship, International Business, Establishment of commercial activities and operations in any foreign country, and Temporary or Permanent Settlements in any desired country of all across the world, for specific purposes.

Citizenship, Business, Employment, Education, Tourism, Medical Services, Business Tours, Market Exploration, etc., are some of the most prominent reasons for immigration. Our immigration law services cover these all purposes, and are strictly in accordance with the rules, regulations, and policies of the concerned country, and as per the specific requirements of the immigrants of the world over.

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