Proper infrastructure development in any field or sector, paves the way for its faster and desired growth, efficiency, and overall productivity and profitability. Thus, construction and development of sound and secure infrastructure is of paramount and vital importance for its financer and sponsor of private or public sector. Being a full service law firm of worldwide reputation, Global Jurix has been rendering the following impressive and decent infrastructure legal services in a wide range of infrastructure sectors, in India and other parts of the world. Our list of clientele is wide and ornate and covers a great many private or public sector companies and organizations, finance institutions and banks, real estate property developers, construction contractors, industrial manufacturers, and multinational corporations.

Infrastructure Practice Areas and Services

The infrastructure practice areas and services of Global Jurix are wide-ranging, and cover the sectors of Ports; Airports; National Highways; Bridges; Flyovers; Dams; Power; Railways; Commercial and Industrial projects; Housing and Residential projects; Oil and Gas; Miming and Tunnel; Engineering and Telecommunication; Catering and Hospitality; Real Estate; Academic and Educational buildings; Media and Entertainment; Logistics, and so on. By dint of our teams of discerning industrial professionals and lawyers, extensive legal coverage, cumulative practical knowledge and understanding, breadth and depth of legal and counseling expertise, and wealth of experience, we provide the following infrastructure legal services for all these sectors, in India and abroad:
  • Identification of feasible Infrastructure Projects (for both Private and Public sectors) and Risk Analysis
  • Strategizing the construction and development of infrastructure projects
  • Expert legal counsel on Project Finance
  • Negotiating and drafting all necessary contracts, agreements, bids, and other legal documents for initiation and execution of proposed infrastructure project/projects
  • Scrutinizing and advising on all contractual, financial, and security documents
  • Dispute resolution arising out of infrastructure project
  • Comprehensive Due Diligence services wherever requisite
  • Public Advisory role service
  • And, many other elegant legal services concerned with infrastructure and real estate property

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