In Law and Economics, the Insurance is a solemn promise of an equitable Risk Management and Compensation for specific contingent potential losses in the future to the insurance Policy Holder, offered in exchange for (generally periodic) payments (called Premiums) from the Insured, as per the insurance policy. The Insurance is therefore, designed to alleviate the losses incurred to the insured (an individual, company, institution, organization, or any other entity) especially financially, in case of any unexpected or undesirable losses in future.

There exists a broad range of all the categories of insurance (mentioned below) in present times. Some of these insurances are essentially required by law, while others are optional. Again, in most of the insurance cases, the policyholder bears a part of the loss occurred (the Deductible), and the rest is paid by the insurer. Global Jurix, a globally renowned legal organization of India, offers impeccable insurance advisory services to the policyholders, insurers, and regulators of the Governmental and Private sectors, in India and all over the world, for all types of insurance.

The list of clientele, who have been greatly benefitted through our wise and prudent insurance advisory services, includes the following:
  • Insurers and Reinsurers
  • Policyholders
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers
  • General Managers
  • State Insurance Entities
  • Commercial and Investment Banks
  • Governmental and Private Insurance Regulators and Authorities
  • Underwriters
  • Investors, including Private Equity Investors
  • Corporate Clients
  • Business and Trade Associations
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • And, other individuals, companies, and organizations of Insurance sector.

Insurance Advisory

Insurance lawyers and attorneys of Global Jurix ( command comprehensive knowledge and vast experience in the areas of Life Insurance, Health and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Property Insurance, Business Insurance, Casualty Insurance, Liability Insurance, Credit Insurance, Disability Insurance, Aviation Insurance, and other types of Insurance. Our expert and mellow insurance lawyers do understand the finer points of the extensive insurance industry, and therefore can easily provide their clients optimal insurance benefits and security against all risks probable. Our insurance advisory services cover these all areas. Our multi-disciplinary team of expert and discerning insurance lawyers, has been providing sound and gratifying legal services for insurance sector for a long time, under the following categories:
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Insurance Claims
  • Liability Claims
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Clinical and Marine Negligence
  • Capital Markets
  • Private Equity Insurance
  • Guidance on Proper Risk Management and Compensation
  • Fixation of Insurance Rate Applicable
  • Formulation of Insurance Policies
  • And, various other Insurance Issues and Contentious Matters

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