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The Intellectual Property Right Laws (IPR Laws) are accredited means of securing the legitimate and original rights of all intellectual property owners in every sector of business and economy, everywhere in the world. Therefore, a legal organization like Global Jurix would definitely be very happy and proud to provide exquisite and impeccable IPR law services for great help and welfare of people and organizations of all over the world. Global Jurix is one of the worldwide renowned full-fledged legal organizations of the world, popular in every part of it, for its all-encompassing range of diverse superior legal services. Our legal services for intellectual property rights cover almost all types of intellectual properties mentioned below.

The intellectual property assets are great and magnificent creations of intellectual and visionary human kind, created both for personal and public advantage and welfare. The owners of all such invaluable property do deserve some special and privileged rights for the complete safety, security, and unrestricted uses of their intellectual property assets. These form the basis and objectives of all intellectual property laws. Our all IPR law services are dedicated to fulfill these objectives scrupulously at fair and competitive service charges, in India and other countries of the world.

IPR Law Services

Our IPR law services encompass intellectual property like Patents, Industrial Designs, Copyrights, Trademarks, the Geographic Indications of Source, and many other legal services for intellectual property rights to almost all sectors of commerce and economy, in countries all around the entire world, essentially including India. These intellectual property assets can broadly be classified in to the following categories, under which we provide our flawless and decent IPR law services:
  • Industrial Intellectual Property Assets: These include patents, trademarks, industrial designs, etc., used in diverse businesses and industries of all sectors. Our IPR law services regarding these start from the very conceptualization stage to the development of final product, and then, the complete safety and security to those from all sides.
  • Copyright Intellectual Property Assets: These cover all forms of artistic, literary, and musical works of indubitable originality and uniqueness. Some of these are diverse written documents, books, poems, and content articles; audio and video recordings, and films; paintings and drawings; architectural designs and layouts; photographic objects and works; sculpture items; and many more. We secure well-rounded the genuine rights of the owners of these properties.
  • And, Other Intellectual Property Right Matters: Portfolio Management Services, Database Protection Services, and all Contractual and Commercial issues concerned with the intellectual property rights, etc., come under these category of our IPR law services.

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