ISO Certifications

ISO Certifications are quality management certifications received after following rigorously certain quality management techniques and systems recommended by ISO (International Organization for Standardization, Geneva) by companies, firms, or organizations active in various economic fields. These quality management systems and techniques are ingeniously created by ISO through global consensus, for making businesses and services in various economic sectors optimally reliable and efficient, internationally reputed, lucrative, and growth-oriented. Any ISO Certification emphasizes the vital fact that the related company or firm strictly utilizes internationally recommended processes, techniques, and practices pertinent in the concerned economic field, for producing its products or services, and managing all activities of its business/profession/service.

At present, this globally reputed organization for highly elegant and impeccable international standards has over 160 member countries, each member country having a national standards body, such as BIS in India. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been a very active and prestigious founder member of ISO, and holds high credit for contributing remarkably to the Indian and International Standardization, for a long period. For the main and ultimate purpose of enhancing reliability, security, and growth of international trades in various economic sectors, this ISO has ingeniously developed and recommended the following modern ISO Certifications:
  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
  • ISO 27001 - Information Security Management
  • ISO 26000 - Social Responsibility
  • OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health Safety Standard
  • ISO 22008 - Food Safety Management
  • ISO 20080 - IT Service Management
  • ISO 31000 - Risk Management
  • SA 8000 - Social Accountability
  • ISO 28000 - Security Management
  • EnMS EN 16001 ISO 50001 - Energy Management
  • And, many other ISO certifications.

Our Services for ISO Certifications in India

Established in 1987 (replacing ISI), BIS is primarily and exclusively concerned with granting diverse quality management certifications to Indian people and entities, located in places all across India. Though the majority of these ISO Certifications are industry-specific, a private or public limited company or firm can avail one or more of these quality management systems simultaneously, irrespective of its size, products/services, and market-share. Our internationally commended law firm offers expert and responsible services in connection with ISO Consultation and Registrations to Indian and foreign companies, firms, and organizations located in India and engaged in the businesses/professions of various economic fields at national and international levels. The generic procedure for acquiring any relevant ISO Certification from BIS, involves the following processes or steps:
  • Expert and discerning consultation over the most relevant and beneficial iso certifications for your company
  • Filing procedurally the Application Form in Triplicate (Form-IV), together with the Questionnaire Form
  • Putting into practice all prescribed quality management tools and techniques sincerely and rigorously in all activities and processes followed in all departments.
  • Performing a rather formal, fair, and impersonal Document Review
  • Conducting internal audit, for evaluation of betterment
  • Make necessary changes and plans for averting all non-conformities, and also for the best possible results in consistency with the proposed iso certification.
  • Then, getting your company critically audited by an external and well-accredited ISO Auditor, for stage-1 audit
  • Mending the non-conformities found by the external auditor during stage-1 audit
  • Then, calling again the auditor for performing the stage-2 certification audit
  • Receiving the desired ISO Certificate within 4-6 weeks after successful auditing at stage-2
  • Receiving the desired ISO Certificate within 4-6 weeks after successful auditing at stage-2
  • Witnessing surveillance auditing from time to time, even after being declared as an iso conformant
  • And, undergoing the Recertification Auditing after three or five years.

Efficient and excellent, our services for iso certifications in india are available promptly and quite economically. After acquiring the desired iso certification, you will become a proud ISO conformant for making full-fledged and creditable business dealings with Indian and international customers and clients, and also for casting dashing advertising of your products or services worldwide.

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