Joint Ventures

The joint ventures are among the outstanding, popular, and preferable means of making Foreign Direct Investment in any country for doing highly profitable international or worldwide business. Moreover, these joint ventures have been beneficial in most of the sectors of economy. A joint venture (also popularly known as A Joint Undertaking, or A Strategic Alliance) is a business association or partnership generally between two parties or companies for a finite period of time in the future, established for specified objectives and certain strategic advantages to both in the competitive International business. All requisite assets, resources, expertise, expenses, risks, and responsibilities are shared by both the parties in agreed proportion, and all revenues and profits are distributed accordingly.

In majority of joint ventures, new technology, enriched expertise, and practical and mellow business practices are invested in the joint association by the foreign company or partner, and the domestic company supports with already available industrial infrastructure, local know-how, firm ground in the domestic market and goodwill, and national governmental and legal rules and formalities for the joint ventures.

In India, the joint venture companies are the most popular, preferable, and profitable form of harvesting extensive and booming Indian market, in a rather wide range of fields including Power, Telecommunication, Luxury Railways, Steel, Petroleum and Petroleum Products, and various other Industrial and Commercial fields. The Government of India has outlined more than 35 high priority areas for highly lucrative joint venture in india, which offer up to 74% foreign equity. Again, foreign investment up to a maximum of 51% in the Commercial Mining and 49% in the Telecommunication fields, has been declared by Indian Government recently.

Joint Venture Agreement

Global Jurix commands extensive experience in bringing about highly productive, profitable, and strategic joint ventures, to beat ever-growing competition in the global business, and eventually emerge as the market leader in the desired fields. We help individuals, companies, institutions, and private and governmental organizations of all over the world in establishing visionary and highly promising joint ventures in any or more desired countries smoothly and rather cost-effectively. Our responsibilities cover everything from the very initiation to the final accomplishment including in between legally sound drafting of all documents and agreements, government approvals, management and governance of the venture entity, confidentiality maintenance, dividend policy, tax planning, dispute resolution, and provisions for winding up and termination. So far, we have successfully accomplished joint venture in india, and a great many other countries in a wide range of sectors.

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