LLP Formation

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is one of the most common and popular forms of business or professional establishments in every part of the world. The main reasons for the overwhelming popularity of such entity are that these possess the favorable and desirable characteristics of both a partnership form and a corporation, in the same single structure. Individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, capitalists, and industrialists of diverse sectors, prefer this type of legal establishment for combining their certain resources and capabilities, for the best possible benefits to all its partners. Global Jurix has been providing scrupulous llp registration services, together with services for its management and optimally productive and profitable operation, in the desired native or foreign countries in all across the world.

Global Jurix is one of the full-service law firms of the world, with full-fledged operations and activities in all around the world, through its offices located in every part of it. Our elegant, punctilious, and reliable legal services for LLP formation and management are desirable and preferable worldwide, especially including India.

Limited Liability Partnership Formation Procedure & Services

One of the prominent factors behind the huge popularity and magnitude of limited liability partnership firms , is their easy, simple, and quick process for registration and operation. Moreover, there are only two partners are requisite for an llp formation, and there is no minimum capital recommendations. Our legal services for llp formation encompass advice over LLP formation, compliances for its inception, LLP registration services, and drafting of LLP Agreement for flexible and efficient management. Our legal services for LLP formation are extended for each of the following procedural activities:
  • Exploring and advising over LLP formation Possibilities
  • LLP Name Suggestions and Reservation
  • Processing for and obtaining Designated Partner Identification Numbers (DPINs)
  • Acquiring Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs)
  • LLP registration services
  • Preparation and Approval of LLP Agreement Documents
  • Taxation and Resource Management
  • Complete protection to LLP firm and its resources
  • All matters, disputes, and litigation concerned with LLP firms.

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