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Well-established in Delhi, Global Jurix is internationally famous and popular for expert legal guidance and services regarding company registrations and different intellectual property, for doing business in the desired sectors of economy, anywhere in entire India by the Indian and global people and entities. All other major and most influential streams of the law, are also served adroitly by our well-informed, punctilious, and veteran lawyers of international repute. In this web-page, we are providing information about our advisory and supporting services for registration of trademarks and logos in India. So far, numerous entrepreneurs, businesspersons, professionals, companies, and industrialists belonging to cities all across India and in countries all around the whole world, have utilized our efficient and masterly services for trademark and logo registrations in entire India.

Here, it may be mentioned that a logo is usually a graphic-cum-literary symbol or image which is used to distinguish a company from all other companies in the specified jurisdiction. Besides serving as a distinguishing factor, a logo may also evince aims and vision of a company. Hence, the logo of a company is certainly a very significant intellectual property. On the other hand, a trademark is anything literary or graphic, or a combination of these both, which distinguishes a product of a company from the products of other companies in the given marketplace.

Company Brand or Product Logo and Trademark Registration

To trademark a logo for doing business in any economic sector of India, we offer the full gamut of legal and advisory services. Our fast, expert, and cheaply-charged services for company brand and product logo design and registration in india encompass the following activities:
  • Offering guidance regarding selecting a company logo or trademark of a product, irrespective of the field of business/profession
  • Designing of the selected logo or trademark, or service mark
  • Free trademark search for verifying the total uniqueness of the selected/proposed logo or trademark. Our professionals are well-versed in free logo search for trademarking in any field.
  • Trademark infringement analysis and necessary modifications for making the same unique.
  • Filing application for registration of the proposed logo or trademark with the concerned zonal trademark office of India (Form TM-1)
  • Dealing with cases of trademark opposition, and making trademark prosecution for perfect and brisk registration.

To receive our services for designing and registration of logo/trademark/service mark for doing business in any desired economic field in India, please phone up over: +91-8800-100-281 or send concise mail to: tm@globaljurix.com.

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