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The Entertainment Law or Media Law, is a set of relevant laws, rules, policies, and regulations, formed for provided necessary legal services to people, agencies, companies, institutions, and organizations of the entertainment industry on the whole. It applies to the entertainment media of all types including Film Industry, Television, Music, Advertisement, Internet, Publishing, and other industries in connection with these.

The ambit of Entertainment Law is quite extensive, and encompasses the fields of Intellectual Property Law; Corporate Law; Project Finance; Labour and Employment Law; Bankruptcy Law; Immigration Law; Taxation Law; Insurance Law; Securities Law; Civil and Criminal Laws; Business and Commercial Law; and Real Estate Law. However, in real practice, it is observed that majority of the legal services for media and entertainment fall under the two categories - Transactional services, and Litigation services. Our full-fledged globally famous legal organization, Global Jurix, provides entertainment media law services for matters, disputes, and litigations relating to all these fields of entertainment law, in India and abroad.

The list of our clients, who have been utilizing our diverse legal services for media and entertainment quite profitably, includes Film Production companies, Producers, Film and TV Studios, Artists, Actors, Music Directors, Lyricists, Film Financers, Banks and other Financial Institutions, and other Professionals, Personnel, Industries, Companies, and Corporations involved in the activities and businesses of the media and entertainment industry.

Entertainment Media Law Services

Global Jurix ( ) has experienced and veteran lawyers and attorneys for both Transactional and Litigation purposes, serving to diverse fields of media and entertainment law. Our Transactional Attorneys and Lawyers are well-experienced in facilitating all business deals, strategic business initiatives, contracts & agreements, wise negotiation tactics, financial deals, mediation jobs, and various other activities of the entertainment industry. On the other hand, our Litigation Attorneys and Lawyers specialize in offensive and defensive legal actions and activities, concerned with all above-mentioned fields of entertainment law.

We offer reliable, rigorous, and flawless entertainment media law services, for the following categories:
  • Intellectual Property matters, disputes, and litigations (arising out of Copyright, Trademark, or Infringement on these)
  • Real Estate and Corporate Issues
  • Labour and Employment
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Compliance under all Governmental and Regulatory Authorities
  • Advertisement and Publicity
  • Broadcasting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Privacy
  • Defamation and Contempt
  • Confidentiality or Breach in it
  • Taxation
  • Insurance
  • Negotiations, Mediations, and Litigations
  • Establishment of Production House, Film Studio, or TV Channel
  • And, other legal services for issues related to this industry

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