Outbound Investments from India

Necessary development in most of the major and important sectors of commerce and economy, and liberal FDI policies of governments, in countries of all around the world, have opened the door to extensive investments (domestic as well as foreign direct investments) in diverse profitable and financially secure sectors. Besides India, other globally prominent and preferable foreign direct investment destinations are United States, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain, Canada, China, the Gulf Countries (especially including Bahrain), Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Mauritius, Singapore, Vietnam, and several other countries of all across the globe.

Other Latin American and African countries also have been inviting substantial foreign direct investment in the last several years. There exists huge investment opportunities in Tanzania in the fields of mining, manufacturing, and agriculture. Bahrain and other Gulf Countries offer extensive business prospects in non-oil sectors, particularly in finance, insurance, manufacturing, and tourism.

Global Jurix one of the full-fledged legal firms with worldwide presence and repute, has its head quarters in India, and provides the complete range of elegant services for outbound investments from India in most of the above-mentioned countries, in varied sectors. It is here noteworthy that over US $ 25 billion has been being invested every year regularly by Indian investors of diverse sectors in these countries collectively. For the first six months of the year 2011-12, the amount of outward investments from India was US $ 19 billion, as per a report issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Our legal services for FDI abroad from India, are bound to be highly productive, hugely profitable, and fully secured to all entrepreneurs, business owners, business corporations, commercial companies, academic or other institutions, and other investors of almost all sectors of economy, because of our latest and varied knowledge about the investment scenarios and rich experience. All companies, corporate entities, and partnership firms, established in any part of India by resident Indians, and duly registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932, are fully eligible for FDI in the above-mentioned countries through joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries, etc. Our punctilious and economical services for outbound investments from India, are available in all globally cherished and preferable fields which essentially include information technology, oil & gas, hospitality, education, manufacturing, retail, finance, insurance, natural resources, alternative energy, telecommunication, medical and healthcare, aviation, tourism, etc.

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