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Global Jurix deals promptly, punctiliously, and impressively with all types of National Patent Applications, Regional patent applications, and the International patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, PCT (which is operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO). As one of the worldwide prominent legal organizations of the world, we also provide services for patent search, patent prosecution, and patent litigation in countries all across the world. The filing and prosecuting a patent application at the appropriate regional patent office, such as the European Patent Office (EPO) is always greatly beneficial as it recognizes and approves the thus granted patent in a number of regional countries.

By a patent application, we mean preparing a patent application specification, filing the same at the patent office in the desired country, and prosecuting for the patent specification. The patent specification is a very scrupulous work and requires up-to-date information and enriched expertise. After all, it is the patent specification which describes your precious and unique invention explicitly, but intelligently and prudently.

Patent Application Search and Process

A patent search is generally conducted on behalf of and for the inventor or future patent owner, before the filing patent application at the concerned patent office for examination and approval. Such a prior patent search is hugely beneficial in a variety of ways and respects, which are discussed in our Patent Search section separately. A comprehensive and reliable patent application search encompasses the searching through all national, regional, and International patent databases, as per requirements, in the categories of issued patents, published patent applications, and all Prior Art in the public domain.

Our patent application search and process utilizes a variety of Bibliographic, Concept, and Special Searches and processes, depending upon the field of the patent, for the best possible and flawless patent application search. Our patent application search and process involves the following methods and systems:
  • Patent Collection Searches
  • Novelty Searches/Prior Art Searches
  • State-of-the-Art Searches
  • Right-to-Use/Freedom to operate/Clearance Searches
  • Validity/Invalidity Searches
  • Infringement/Non-Infringement Searches

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